The Need for Strategic Information Management Essay

Technology in this Era has taken the worldwide concern by a storm. This can be proved by the fact that the usage of machine-controlled systems is much more popular now and have taken over a batch of undertakings and procedures which were ab initio accomplished manually. This Transformation has caught the attending of rivals, as they are now cognizant of how a proper information system can assist them to derive competitory advantage.

“ An information system established with the end of making competitory advantage and bettering the competitory place of an organisation. A strategic information system supports and shapes the corporate scheme of an organisation, frequently taking to invention in the manner the organisation conducts its concern, the creative activity of new concern chances, or the development of merchandises and services based on information engineering ”

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The competition is ferocious and the debut of new engineering and systems changes the public attitudes and hence helps an organisation to be in front in the game.


The increasing usage of World Wide Web or the cyberspace has played an of import function in the globalisation. The whole universe is now a market and trade across the boundary lines has become more dependable and easy. More people get involved in e-shopping because of its flexibleness and easiness. They can entree cyberspace from anyplace at any clip, topographic point and order and have the goods and services without passing much clip. The organisations have analyzed the demand, attempts are being made to better in the sector. The companies which have good developed information systems managed to come up strong in this field which gave them competitory advantage.


Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919, in East terminal of London where he sold food markets from a stall, such was the start of this tremendous organisation which is now so hardy that it is hard to quake it. In 1929 Cohen managed to open his first shop in Burnt Oak, North London. In 1932 Tesco became a private limited company ( )

Tesco climbed the ladder of success really rapidly and started to derive client trueness, the consistent scheme of growing helped Tesco overtake Sainsbury ‘s as the UK ‘s largest super market. The UK food market retail market ‘s 15.6 % portion was in Tesco ‘s manus which made it a market leader by 6 %. ( )

Today Tesco is UK ‘s largest and universe ‘s 3rd largest food market retail merchant, with it ‘s operations making 14 states universe broad. It has a group gross revenues of 59.4 billion, amongst which are the UK gross revenues of 41.58 billion. Tesco has over 470,000 employees worldwide. In a period of economic nonacceptance Tesco has managed to increase its gross revenues by 13.5 % ( on a 52 month comparable footing ) . (, )


The ends and aims of the scheme of Tesco plc are

To be a successful international retail merchant

To turn the nucleus UK concern

To be as strong in non-food as in nutrient.

To develop retailing services – such as Tesco Personal Finance, Telecoms and

To set community at the bosom of what we do


Tesco plans to centralize IT applications across its shops worldwide, after subscribing a ?100m web and voice contract to back up its abroad enlargement programme.

Tesco ‘s planetary standardization scheme has been made possible by the usage of Information engineering, it has enabled the administration to cut costs and centralise its processs.

Tesco has ever been one measure in front in the race to derive competitory advantage, it has managed to develop a strong Information system. The usage of IT system can increase the organisation gross revenues by the usage of cyberspace. As on-line shopping is really popular improving and disbursement capital in this country could be really help full

The betterment in the supply concatenation system can better the stock control and merchandise handiness which would in bend addition the gross revenues

The cheque out system can be made more advanced geting more clients.

The self-scan cheque out system is deriving popularity and puting in this would be good for the company.

“ Our purpose is to hold a common engineering platform in tandem with common concern procedures so that we remain competitory as a group as we continue our enlargement abroad. By deploying centralized buying systems and processes into a state, for illustration, you instantly make that state more productive ” ( Tesco IT Chief Nick Folkes )



Increasing market portion: Tesco plc has the highest market portion of 30.6 % and it is still increasing, It has used the IT system well in accomplishing that.

Tesco nine card is a really strong selling tool employed successfully by Tesco. It is now being introduced internationally to heighten client trueness. Club card 2 has been a great success adding to the success

Since Tesco has such a immense web and such monolithic operations all over the universe it enjoys big economic systems of graduated table which make it possible for Tesco to take down their monetary values for their clients without impacting its ain net income borders. This provides Tesco with a immense competitory advantage against its clients and besides acts as a barrier to entry for new entrants to the market.

Food sector

Dot com concern deriving strength. Tesco online concern is increasing with every passing twelvemonth, lending its menu portion in the growing

Use of good quality self-checkouts

The usage of centralized information system to centralise broad spread geographical operations

Innovative engineering to electronically look into in merchandises

Upgraded supply concatenation direction system

Handiness of immense investings for the IT sector


In an organisation every bit immense as Tesco plc it is hard to keep high degree of Information Technology system throughout the organisation because of its size.

Better information engineering promotions by rivals

Engagement in dirts which can do negative promotion and therefore loose clients

Tesco food market site non client friendly

Failing in non-food


Becoming the most power full online marketer.

Invention in the shops and look into out systems

Making a strong good equipped IT squad for each sector of the concern

Deriving strength in the non-food

Retail sector


Introduction of latest engineering by the rivals

Changes in the statute law

Government policies

Negative promotion

Change of public attitudes

Different demands and attitudes in different states


Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) is an information industry term for methodological analysiss, package, and normally Internet capablenesss that help an endeavor manage client relationships in an organized and efficient mode

In this analysis QCi Customer Management Model will be used to analyse the CRM in the organisation.


The first measure in developing a client relationship system is to understand the behaviours, the attack and values of different clients. After deriving a cognition of the above the clients need to be segmented as this creates much easiness in the activity of planning.

Tesco good understands its clients and hence has a scheme for supplying them value for their money. Customers want to pass every bit lupus erythematosus as possible and acquire the best quality merchandises.


Once the first phase has been completed and the designation of the sections has been completed, a proposition needs to be assigned to each of the sections and be aftering done for the value based offers.

Tesco is a planetary organisation with its concern spread in a figure of states. The organisation is familiar with the fact that different communities have different demands, attitudes and concerns, for this ground Tesco plc has tailored the aims and ends for each state, to supply the people what they really want.

A tailored Community Plan is developed for each state.

Information AND Technology:

The base for this theoretical account is provided by the Information engineering system. It consists of informations aggregation, storage, analysis and use of the informations in a manner which is in line with the CRM scheme. Tesco plc has ensured that it is equipped with advanced engineering to understand how people and processes work, and the demands of the clients every bit good. Tesco PLC is a really large company and the information engineering system has enabled it in geting and analysing informations required to pull off the clients. The information Technology delivers the of import information to relevant people at the right clip to assist in accomplishing their ends of pull offing clients.

Peoples AND ORGANIZATION: The enlisting, development, preparation and motive of the front-line staff are major facets that the organisations have to cover, in order to supply clients high standard service.

The employee satisfaction is besides an country of concern for the companies along with along with the designation of functions and preparation demands.

More than 470,000 people now work for Tesco PLC, runing in 14 states. Tesco has a good developed enlisting system with uninterrupted development. The value they aim to give their clients can be seen by the undermentioned statement from the company:

Our Valuess

No-one attempts harder for clients

Understand clients

Be foremost to run into their demands

Act responsibly for our communities

We treat people how we like to

be treated

Work as a squad

Trust and esteem each other

Listen, support and state thank you

Share cognition and experience

The organisation has ensured high degrees of client satisfaction, as they are cognizant of the fact that retaining their clients and geting new 1s is a major tool to win the ferocious competition.


When client contact takes topographic point at assorted cases, it becomes a really hard undertaking to pull off. In such a state of affairs a precise and good defined system needs to be developed to pull off good relationship with the clients.


The organisation is familiar with the importance of retaining clients, the debut of nine card was a major measure by the company to win the Black Marias of its clients, and late the immense net incomes made by the company in the current twelvemonth are have been majorly linked to the debut of nine card 2. Tesco have succeeded in making good client dealingss by listening to their clients, moving quickly on their feedbacks and carry throughing their demands

Giving Choices TO THE Customers:

The organisation believes in variegation. Tesco gives its clients a broad assortment of picks. They provide their clients with proper and reliable information so that it helps them in determination devising. The organisation has taken a figure of enterprises including C ( GDA ) Guideline Daily Amount labeling.

The debut of Tesco diets, online dieting programs and the proviso of healthy feeding and weight loss services are some of the countries which Tesco has covered to give value services to their clients.


The Organization is already the market leader and has retained clients, whose figure keeps on increasing but there is ever room for betterment. Improvements can be made in the client service section by supplying the clients much higher degree of attention. The client ailment procedure must be made really effectual and immediate action should be taken in deciding the issues.

Latest systems should be adopted for the professional developments of employees to take their service to a following degree.

As sometimes Tesco is considered more celebrated for its low monetary values, the employees may miss in supplying the highest degrees of client service with so many clients pouring in the shops each twenty-four hours. Continuous development and monitoring of the processs would supply a consistent degree of client service which is non impaired by the high degree of client turnover.

Tesco has ever been strong in the nutrient sector, but now they are concentrating their energies on the non-food sections as good. The retailing industry is another sector where Tesco needs to increase its portion. Deriving strength in these sectors every bit good would ensue in covering more client sections.