The motivation has been investigated by many

The tourism industry is the largest and the fastest growing industry nowadays.This industry is already  one of the  biggest industries and it will further expand even more , because of this particular factor people are extremely interested in working in this industry than any other  , it is also more individualised and humanised . Even though there is a big technological progress , no robot could ever replace the human communications needed to succeed in tourism . Tourism is wholeheartedly depending on people and their travel motivations , it’s all about investigating what brings one person and another to a particular destination.
So, let’s start with the simplistic question why do people travel in the first place ?
Crompton (1979) notes that it is possible to describe the who, when, where, and how of tourism, together with the social and economic characteristics of tourists; but does not answer the most interesting question of all tourist behaviour—”why.” 
Tourist motivations, attitudes, and perceptions are important sociocognitive variables that
must be taken into account to better understand the destination choice process.
There are so many different ideas to explain why do people travel to different destinations.Travel motivation has been investigated by many researchers from different fields such as from sociology, anthropology, and psychology 
For , example Maslow’s hierarchical theory of motivation was one of the most applied in the tourism literature (1970). Maslow , explains travel motivations , as a way of self-actualising yourself. After all of your basic needs are covered , you want to do more and you want learn more about the world or even just about your country.The opportunity opens it’s doors only, when you are ready for it , that is what this theory is all about.
Crompton has also applied the push and pull strategies to his studies about travel motivation. According to him, there are seven socio-psychological, or push motives (escape, self-exploratory, relaxation, prestige, regression, kinship-enhancement, and social interaction) and two cultural, or pull motives (novelty and education). A great example of this theory , would be a bachelorette party held in another country or in other city for leisure.  People often travel to escape from the boring work reality to something filled with bright colours , so they can finally reach a sense of relaxation  or for prestige and popularity (posting on Instagram).
Every theory comes to the conclusion , that there could be different phycological or interpersonal factors affecting one’s decision to travel to a particular place , although the nationality , the social class , the gender , the age , and other tourist demographics do play an extremely significant role in decision-making processes ,when deciding on the place you have the desire to travel to.
What is then the main reasoning for Swiss people to travel to Luzern ? 
According , to many sources Swiss residents come to Luzern to show dedication to their own history and traditions , as Luzern is the heart of Switzerland , also referred as a pocket-sized Switzerland. It is a medieval , historic city , that has a wonderful scenery and attracts a person’s eye , just by it’s unimaginable beauty.