The Negative Impact of Celebrity Fashion on Teens Essay

Teenss find trade names to be something that will do them look “classy” as many teens say today at school. Teisha-Vonique Hood from SMU stated that when people associate themselves with a peculiar trade name or branded image. they instantly assume a new individuality that is in some sense. confined to the social points of that trade name. They classify themselves through the trade names they wear and it makes them experience like they fit in. There is ever that new shirt or those new denims or merely some new tendency that happens to get down. Teenss may experience like if they don’t have the latest trade names. they aren’t worthy or non able to suit in and be themselves.

Besides. teens find themselves to be a small under-confident or intimidated by other people in their school. Ehow subscriber. Ashton Pittman said that many teens pick up on manner tendencies in an attempt to stave off humiliation and mocking from equals. The bulk of teens in high school have a fright of acquiring bullied or excluded. They use manner to conceal their fright and to experience more confident on who they are. or who they are seeking to be.

Their attitude towards manner and the manner society shows it to be can alter a batch of teens’ sentiments. Stated in SMU survey. as a consequence of this demand for peer credence. adolescents are receptive to features such as character. personality. etc. Since a batch of teens try to happen their individuality through high school and manner. it can finally alter non merely their personality. but their character towards other people and household. Tiing into this. famous persons are a large impact on adolescent manner. Ashton Pittman besides states that frequently. manner for adolescents is the consequence of the desire to be like a famous person. Teens expression at famous persons and say “Oh good if they can have on that. so why can’t I” and most of the clip they end up giving the incorrect thought to their friends and people around them.

Have you of all time tried to dress some manner so that others accept you? A batch of teens don’t realize that this is an issue on their mundane life because they are so caught up with seeking to suit in. Just because other teens have the latest trade name and you don’t. doesn’t mean that you aren’t alone.