The New Republic Essay

            Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were great philosophers in the history of United States who had different visions for current state in U.S.

They differed in certain issues for instance, the social composition according to Jefferson comprised of artisans, settlers, shopkeepers, owners of small farms and frontiers. On the other hand, Alexander saw a social composure of merchants, manufacturers, bankers, and professionals. In another context, Jefferson admired a form of government that was more democratic than England while Alexander admired English government system. According to Jefferson’s philosophy, he favored strict interpretation of the constitution with a view of limiting powers of central government. On the other hand, Hamilton admired broad interpretation of constitution for purpose of strengthening the central government.            Looking at the current state of affairs, Alexander Hamilton’s philosophy played a very important role in shaping U.S in all aspects.

  Major descriptions by Hamilton are reflected in today’s affairs ranging from leadership, economic and political values to professionalism.  U.S being a colony of Britain is one fact that supports the philosophical provisions by Hamilton. A federal government exists which was established by authority of the Constitution.  This is a matter of political organization whereby the views of Hamilton were implemented by Washington and the Congress.

The constitution is one of the most powerful tools in running affairs of American government. A big number of Americans are professionals working in the banking sector and other firms. This collectively supports the sentiments of Hamilton and is one critical step that has shaped our country.  In addition, Hamilton devised a Bank of U.S with establishment of branches in different parts of the country. This clearly supports his visions which prompted the Americans to be bankers.ReferencesMiller John, 1959, Alexander Hamilton: Portrait in Paradox, Harper & Brothers.