The New World of Online Communities Essay

The New World of Online Communities

The revolution of technology has required people to change lifestyle and usual activities giving new environment to the society. Today, the post modern society is very acquainted to technology devices and is expecting for more gadgets in the future. Undeniably, the constant innovation of new gadgets gives the society a more convenient life. Technology is one of the main reasons why most of the people have become aware of computer related materials and the society has turned into an entirely new concept of community with the continuously improving technology devices.

Apparently, the demand for more products of technology has become more than just a luxury but rather a trend which is inevitable in the society. The people in this century become exposed to what the technology can offer to the world with a promise of convenience and accessibility in the future. The changes in the society are undeniably the products of continuous innovation of amazing gadgets and the constant selling and buying of these devices in the market. With too much benefit that people get from relying to technology, the society sometimes becomes blinded to the possible consequences that can be experienced in the near future.

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            The post modern society has become the reflection of a more improved and technologically advanced era where technology is being shaped by people and people, on the other hand, are being shaped by technology (AllSands, 2009). From knowledge to entertainment to selling and purchasing, people become used to doing all such activities through online communication. This is a manifestation that the society conforms to the changes brought by technology. The use of technology in the post modern society is has become inevitable because the world is now moving in a period where most of the things function through the use of high technology gadget. However, the people can treat these devices as materials and not as something that can be considered as an alternative for manpower. In other words, the society can still draw a line to distinguish the limitation of technology to the people’s lives.


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