The New York city marathon Essay

The New York city marathon
The conception of the New York City Marathon was not generally good but the end point of it turned out to be something everybody smiled at in the New York City. NYC was figured as something of a sideshow and most of the people had no interest, as they didn’t new that it would come to be a Big Apple someday. People viewed running more than two and half miles as an extra ordinary event and limited to the gifted few hence Athletics more so long distance was hardly given the priority even by the Amateur Athletic Union which was the governing body for all the Athletics in America till 1958 while in England long distance running was taken more seriously under the direction of the Road Runners Club.

New York City marathon emerged from the club known as the Cherry Tree Marathon Under the leadership of Lebow and the first race was conducted at the Yankee Stadium.  By this time the runners wore what they could find in the house and the footwear was more rudimentary.  T-shirts and finisher medals were not necessary as they were not to evoke the excitement of the runners. The Cherry Tree Club used the Bronx route, though the club encountered some problems on the running path such as the children throwing stones at the runners, existence of the block buildings along the running path, the existed automobile traffics till they shifted to the central park of the city for the safety of the runners and just to avoid the obstacles of Bronx and more so the benefit of the wide road meandering through the streets.

            Lebow having millionaires running him in the City Park, he realized the primacy of the New York City Marathon as the home of many pioneers of America Road running making to develop the vision of promoting distance running in the US. The display of Lebow chutzpah ended up making the pitch the membership club of the small Roadrunners Club in the New York City.

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            Despite this Small conception of the New York City Marathon emerging it encountered other barriers such as the fact that the police not cooperating for the major competition to take place in the pitch simply because the pitch was unsafe reputation and they encountered the barrier by the runners voting towards the proposal of using the park for the major competitions. After the deep explanation of the up and downs the running movement has gone through and the prominence of the club organization the parks department gave the permission for the Marathon to be taking place in the City Park launched as the New York City Marathon.

                 The popularity of the New York City was inferior in spite of the participation of the graduate students of biology from the New York University. It came to assemble the international casts of the runners when there was a boast clever one about Ted Corbitt running at the New York City Park. Corbitt developed a marquee value towards the NYC Marathon because he held many records in epic twenty four-hour and fifty and one hundred miles runs and simply because he was the second man to complete one hundred marathon in the history.

            Lebow gimmicked the funds by typing empty entry tickets worthy one dollar to speculate the athletics at first. The membership payment at first if started at three dollars and rose to two hundred and fifty dollars. Lebow used to send letters to more than two hundred asking for donations, Lebow also squeezed money from sponsors by enlisted the General Motors as a sponsor for the NYC Marathon. The club also funds from the volunteered donors, which Lebow spent some time to look out for. And other funds were from the liberally distributed T-shirts to promote his utopian vision of running as the key to capture the City into happiness. The club had the frequent join up of the new members who paid the membership fee and mostly the new members were more educated and had higher incomes, hence, benefiting the club. Lebow also used shtick to hype his marathon- money to attract the best runners and the schemes to find million-dollar sponsor and moved a step to sign up corporate sponsor: Olympic Airways. Jointly to that Lebow got a donation of five thousand dollar from the Olympic Airways and addition the airline agreed to fly the races’ winner to the Pan Hellenic Marathon in Athens.  Lebow sold all his properties to the companies he worked for and was still working for the raise the funds for NYC marathon. In addition is the sponsor from the Suttons and Frank shorter as the examples of the donors.

            In framing a Five- Borough Party, the showmanship of Lebow was admired through his Chutzpah to generate the media hype and helps to define the New York experience in the spirit of inclusiveness. Although the rising performance of the club it encountered several challenges that were upon Lebow to solve or do everything. For instance the challenge of marking the route to be used during the race and it was when the blue line came up to mark the running route though it was difficult to make the runners stick to it. Another challenge was on how Lebow was to pay the Athletes since he had no specified members of the finds were to come out of his pocket.

            In the Mass Marketing, Lebow signed up the top foreign runners for the contract and was assisted by the Stewart curving out extra ordinary reputations in the new running arena and the gorgeous garment really attracted many runners from the different parts of the world. Arriving for the big Apple the foreign competitors were be accommodated and entertained. It reached a situation were the Park can constitute the doctors, the lawyers, the scientists and the students, and on the other side of the participant were of the age; the youngest of the age of twelve and the oldest of seventy one years old and even one blind runners was inclusive in the race.

            Indeed the New York Marathon came the reach its Big Apple when it hold the most violent, in the trouble-stricken city in the world when 11,532 men and women from the forty countries of the world assisted by one million black, white and the yellow people, protestants, Catholics, Muslims and any other sort of denomination you can mention was all applauded with the event itself, laughed, cheered and even cried during that greatest material day. It was the victory beyond doubt and fear; beyond dreams and imaginations, body and mind shake the heart roots of America. The great nation was then found on man’s desire of improving himself, clawing up on mountains just to reach his achievements in life. The end of the specific day A Norwegian was the best after recording the time of 2:27 that the day can’t get out of the memory of whoever was present and written in the history for the continuity of its existence.

            Lebow’s power of spirit influenced greatly towards the achievement of the Big Apple happiness. Despite him having no good educational background and after him passing all the ups and downs of the earth he never let it go. He held his dream firmly up to the actual outcome of it. He had the driving force within him, he sensed that the running constituency of women was totally untapped and indeed there came the best timer record from the woman in the world. He was an improvising man, discriminated none and accepted every body, had a spirit in him that has led to the growth of marathon in the world as the prestigious footrace, many turn to him for advice simply because he produced the most prominent show to the world. Lebow carried more than he can on his shoulders but he was proud of that, he had no jealous, not gullible, not materialistic instead he was determined that one day it would come to happen since he maintained his vision due the course.


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