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The Y700 is a 17-incher with a pretty strong Intel quad core processor, a good enough graphics card and absolutely amazing speakers.The cover of the Y700 is made out of a durable, and brushed aluminum which looks beautfiul, but collects fingerprints like crazy. The are around the keyboard is covered with a matte soft rubber all to the sides.Let’s look at the overall look of the Y700. The lid is brushed aluminium, and it’s made durable. If you like to keep your computers clean, keep a cloth nearby because it collects fingerprints like crazy.The Lenovo ideaPad Y700 provides more ports than you will need. On the left side you have the traditional ports like AC,Ethernet,Jack. There is a Novo button which can be usefull for getting in the boot menu quickly. On the right, there are two USB 3.0’s and an HDMI.It comes with a Windows 10 Home installed. The wireless drivers are automatically installed as well.The display is color accurate, but I wasn’t amazed by the brightness of it, even when maxed out. It is anti-glare, but again, i still saw some reflections.The laptop has a 720p webcam and the quality of the video is not bad.The keyboard of the Y700 is backlit, with only one color, red. This cannot be changed, unfortunately, but it can be dimmed. The sound quality of the JBL speakers in the laptop is very impressive. They are loud and sound very marvelous at the same time, and the subwoofer gives nice lows.The vents are placed at the back of the laptop, which gives the laptop a “gaming laptop” look. You might need a bigger case for this.The performance of this 17-inch laptop is rad. If you are planning on using it for everyday tasks like browsing the web or reading emails, watching movies, you won’t have any problems.The Geforce 960M 4 GB does a  good job running games, it can handle newer games at high-medium settings.The cooling of this laptop is very good. I never had thermal throttling issues, and the fans are fairly quit, when you are not gaming. When you are gaming, it gets a bit loud.Let’s talk about the battery life. It’s got a 60 watt hour  four-cell battery. The battery Lenovo Y700 is capable of powering the laptop for 3-4 hour under normal use, and about 1,5 hours if you are gaming.If you would like to play games on a 17 inch laptop, but don’t want the best graphics, get this. It’s heavy and big, but if you are planning on gaming, this won’t be that big of an issue.