The Obama Care-A Universal Plan Not for Everyone Essay

The Obama Care-A Universal Plan Not for Everyone.

As many U.S. residents already know, being prepared for the unexpected is a trait attributed to success, especially when it comes to our family’s health. One typical suggestion when it comes to “making ends meet” in household matters is saving enough money in a family safety net to ensure solvency and to mitigate the high cost of paying for routine medical care or unexpected health issues. However, that is impossible for most people due to the huge costs of current medical coverage. A very limited percentage of the population are able to pay the total cost out of pocket when a medical emergency occurs. Simply obtaining a health insurance plan, either thru employment or by procuring private medical coverage is a daunting task sure to affect and likely cripple the average household.

The President of the United States has informed us of an affordable health plan called The Affordable Health Care Act, now widely known as “Obamacare”, which is a health plan for Americans to obtain health insurance at much lower cost for those that currently cannot afford it. Several news have written articles debating on the pros and cons on this health care reform. The New York Times published an article called “The Obama Care Shock” by Paul Krugman. In it, Krugman provides positive input regarding this upcoming affordable health plan. On the other hand, ABC news, published an article written by Charles Babington called “80 House Members Shutdown the “Obama care”. This report focuses more on the negative points of Obamacare.

According to the author of this article, Obamacare becomes chaotic and adds another source of stress to the average citizen since now all Americans will be required to obtain health insurance. Many concerns continue to raise questions as: Will Obama care work? Would it affect citizens instead of helping them? Is it affordable? All these questions are now requiring prompt answers. The two opposing articles discussed here a much too common reflection of the uncertainty in American households.Is this the Plan we need? One thing for sure is that Obamacare has served to bring a complex and troublesome issue into the spotlight.

The revamping of our health care system has people talking and is exposing areas of concern that have been left unaddressed for quite some time. In The New YorkTimes article, the author states: “there are however millions of Americans who don’t receive insurance either from their employers or from government programs. They can get insurance only by buying on their own, and those are the affected ones that are shut out of that market” (Krugman, 1). The reason being is because in some states, insurers reject applicants due to their medical history. Other states do accept those with medical problems but with high premium costs. Obama care will offer health insurance to those with pre-existing conditions at presumably a less costly rate. It will also mandate all Americans to buy insurance even if a person feels he/she does not need it.

The other good thing is that Obama care will provide subsidies to make insurance affordable for those with low income, which it should benefit a lot of Americans.There is strong opposition for this overhaul of our health care system. Politicians stated according to ABC News “A new generation of tea-backed conservatives rejects the advice” (Babington, 2). Many politicians are not very happy with this so-called “affordable” health program because the reduction in cost inevitable means only one thing, budget cuts in financially struggling areas. Politicians are actively voicing their distaste and have opted for public and explicit attempts to down the President’s idea.

It is reported that “Obama care”, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, is so unpopular and unworkable that it justifies extraordinary tactics to block it” These accusations are not proven yet, and some people truly believe the Obama Care will indeed work since Massachusetts has had such insurance requirement for everybody since 2006 and it has worked. As the New York Times article states: “as a result, nearly all residents have a health insurance and the program remains very popular” (Krugman, 1). This and other success stories by individual states that engage in such healthcare practices, are being used as clear examples to inspire confidence in people that Obama care will be successful and will eventually lead to better quality of life for the American households. The controversy revolves around one question-is what’s good for one, good for all? Cost, as in insurance monthly premium, is one of the main concerns for us Americans. Pre-exciting conditions could raise the price for a certain person and make being medically insured financially impossible.

It is yet tobe proven if insurance premium costs will increase or decrease significantly once Obamacare becomes mandatory. The New York Times article used for this essay states “insurers have submitted the prices at which they are willing to offer coverage on the states based on newly created Obama care exchange. The price turns out to be surprisingly low” (Krugman, 1). This is something the insurance companies want to compete because they don’t want to be out of business due to many people having to pay for their Obama care plans. Instead, they decided to go cheaper. It is also mentioned that “Many Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, say it’s impossible to carve out money for Obama care in many appropriations measure” (Babington, 2).

Some politicians believe Obama care it is just a reason for the government to obtain money and use it on other government areas, but it is impossible to get money out the Obama care for everything. Another good tool are the subsidies. Subsidies are supposed to assist the Americans tremendously once this is in effect. However, some Americans will not even be able to afford coverage even by obtaining such subsidies. Americans’ concern is that some will be unfortunate and will be left out. Based on some research it states that “Millions of Americans will suddenly gain health coverage and millions more will feel much secure knowing that such coverage is available if they lose their jobs or suffer other misfortunes.

Only a relative handful of people will be hurt at all” (Krugman, 1). Such statics seem favorable for some Americans and should be taken advantage of. The issue surrounding health care affordability is sensitive and critical in American households because it strikes the right cords. People want to feel safe and secure. Mothers care for the children and worry all the time about their wellbeing.

Fathers have a innate sense of responsibility and are expected to be providers. Society considers good fathers those who are able to provide and see that a family’s basic needs are met. The promise that this healthcare option will bring financial relief and peace of mind gives everyone in the household hope.

With an expected mandatory activation date in 2014, we have enough time to conduct plenty of research and be able to find out what is best for us. Some Americans may already have insurance thru their employers and some do not. It will be beneficial for all of us to be prepared for the unexpected, especially if your current health situation is not ideal. For some people, it would be very difficult to obtain insurance,but Obama care should be much easier and will make the difference. The fact that American will receive subsidies, the price will be low for the community and no exclusions, will definitely assist millions of Americans.

Obamacare will be a good thing for all of us. It will assist us to be better prepared for the unexpected surprises in life as illnesses, accidents, etc. Hoping we are not in much need for it, being able to accept such upcoming requirement will ease everything up and will make a positive impact. It can be compared to a vehicle insurance, we are required to have one as long as we are driving and we own a vehicle.

It is just a matter of getting used to it and manage our life expenses in order to afford it, after all it is for our own benefit too. Hopefully, a much greater number of Americans will be in favor of the Obama care to be effective than those that will be against it.Work CitedKrugman, Paul, “The Obamacare Shock”. May 2013.

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23 August, 2013 .