The Odyssey Essay

What do you think of when you hear the word hero? Do you imagine someone e wearing tights and a cape with cool powers? There is actually a set of characteristics an archetypal hero must have. An archetypal is a model that all other versions are based on.

The characteristics a hero must ha eve are unusual circumstances of birth, leaves family or land to live with others, experiences a traumatic even t that leads to a journey, has a special weapon, faces challenges through which he must prove himself, has a total flaw or unalienable wound, has problems with father that are resolved, has a trusty sidekick, the hero is rewarded in death, and has supernatural help.

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Odysseus Of Homer’s The Odyssey is an archetypal her o. Odysseus is an archetypal hero because he leaves his family to fight in the Trojan War, faces challenges t wrought which he must prove himself, and has supernatural help from Athena, Odysseus leaves his family to fight in the Trojan War and faces many obstacle s when trying to go home. Originally, Odysseus didn’t want to go to war and pretended to be mad to avow id war. Showing plainly that he was no mad man. After that, Odysseus could no longer refuse to fulfill his pro Since he couldn’t pretend to be crazy to avoid war, he had to leave his family to go fight t. Another obstacle Odysseus faced when trying to go home is when he gets trapped on Circle’s island then Calypso’s. “Calypso tried it hold me back… So did Circe, holding me just as warmly in her B the woman tried to keep Odysseus with them but eventually Odysseus left.

Odysseus facing obstacles when trying to get home allows him to grow wiser so he is able to learn from his mistakes. For example , when he is disguised as an old man and beats Amuses at a fight, he could’ve easily shown hubris and as id that it was the great Odysseus that defeated him but he was able to keep his disguise. The archery pal trait Odysseus shows is leaves family or land to live with others.