The of the Azgard9′ customers are in

The facility
would prompt yearly increment of approximately £ 4.7M (£ 68.7M less £ 64M). Azgard9
would have needed to invest £ 1.3M at first, of which the excess yearly return
would be utilized to pay back the investment. In view of the increment
expected, the initial investment should be expected to be paid back
approximately in one month.

                        1,300,000×52 =     3.5 weeks


This alternative
is extremely favorable for both Azgard9 and the customers.
Azgard9 would have the capacity to build income, decrease lead time to three
months and react to design changes rapidly.

Sourcing from New Suppliers Overseas
or in the Europe

From the
research conducted, there are different suppliers who can make and supply jeans
to Azgard9’s clients. Having more providers to look over will give Azgard9 all
the more bargaining power and eventually fast delivery of orders to the customers.

Azgard9 can
likewise choose to utilize apparel manufacturers who are nearer to their customers.
Since the vast majority of the Azgard9′ customers are in the Europe, at that
point Azgard9 could begin utilizing producers situated in Europe also. The
utilization of manufacturers who are near customers will most certainly
diminish the lead time since the transportation time will be decreased
impressively. There are still cloth manufacturers who are working in United
Kingdom that Azgard9 could utilize. These cloth manufacturers in United Kingdom
are of the like of Cooper and Stollbrand, Johnstons of Elgin and Michael Edward
Ltd. These manufacturers may be more costly than the Pakistani manufacturers,
yet they likewise ensure greater quality on the items. With regards to
supportability, it is smarter to pay extra and keep or increase the present
offer than continue utilizing the present business ordering system and come up
short on business soon. If Azgard9 take this alternative, they may have the
capacity to diminish the lead time to a month and a half. This choice may even
prompt diminishing in cost of sales and increase Azgard9′ profit.

The Use of Enterprise Resource
Planning System (ERP)

Azgard9 should
start the use of ERP system. The ERP system will be incorporated with the
clients, the suppliers and every one of the divisions in Azgard9 which manages inventory
managements. This incorporation will empower the customers to put in their
requests in the ERP system and ensure the individual who is responsible with
that request gets it instantly. That individual can likewise send demand to
someone else in the supply chain instantly also. The system likewise sends requests
to the following individual in the inventory network to eliminate delays. The
system will go about as an indication of the process to all the people who are
involved in the supply chain.

The most
advantages which can be accomplished with the utilization of ERP apart from time
saving and diminishment of costs include:

•           Sales forecast, which permits
inventory enhancement.

•           Chronological history of each
exchange through relevant data compilation in every area of operation.

•           Order following, from acknowledgment
through satisfaction

•           Revenue following, from invoice
through cash receipt

•           Matching purchase orders (what was
requested), stock receipts (what arrived), and costing (what the merchant

Azgard9 will be most profited with the sales
forecasting tools which is in the ERP system. With the utilization of this
feature, Azgard9 could gauge with a certain accuracy of the expected needs of
their customers. Azgard9 will then have the capacity to begin the production of
the apparels even before orders have been made. The utilization of this device
will be most useful in the diminishment of lead time.

There is an empirical study performed on the lead
time change from the execution of ERP system done by Cotteleer and Bendoly. The
study depended on an organization called Tristen Inc. Data was gathered from
this organization before the organization introduced the system and after the
organization introduced the system. The outcome acquired demonstrated that lead
time was diminished by no less than 28%. The study additionally uncovered that
there is a solid connection between reduction of lead time and increase in

The utilization of ERP system will accompany a certain
financial cost and in addition time interest in training. Nonetheless, from the
study, it has been demonstrated that the utilization of ERP accompanies a
budgetary return which is worth the investment.