THE so much on rise nowadays that


Human Resource Software

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Companies like Maersk,
Novartis, etc., have adopted to the so called human resource software, in fact
human resource software is so much on rise nowadays that more than 53% of
companies with more than 1000 employees have invested in this human resource
software, this software come in various categories and is used as workforce
analytic tools such as employee engagement, employee satisfaction, 360-degree
review etc. One of the common software used is Talepool which cater to the need
of having large recruitment teams, HR web which evaluates, manages and tracks
the attendance, behavior, and performance of employees, IBM Kenexa which does
the work of talent management.

and development

Recently the companies
HR department have started focusing on training of the employees internally, and
they spend a huge amount of company’s budget in research and development, these
companies hire people who act as instruction leader and skill trainer in the
organization, which can help better training of the employees. Also, the HR
managers have now started using data analytics to know where the employees are
lacking and then give training to the employees accordingly.  Some of the well-known firms which
concentrate high in research and development area are Amazon, SAS, Seattle

Coping Up with Rapidly changing environment

In this rapidly
changing environment, employees have to constantly keep themselves updated of
what is going on around them and constantly rethink on the work which has to be
done and how it has to be done, this rapid changes can lead employees
frustrated and angry, and in order to cope up with these situations, the
present HR people have started working upon, giving employees the necessary
direction of what has to be done and how, as well as helping them to deal with
conflict and frustration. The HR nowadays provide skill training to the
employees which is necessary for them in order to deal with the new
technologies, policies, and processes.


With the increase in
the awareness of having good health and fit body along with the emergency of
having healthy workforce, the new task which the HR managers of today have to
under go is to provide the employees with health care services such as paying
the health insurance services for its staff, free medical treatment, and paying
the medical bills, sensitization, etc.

In a way it had turned
out to be beneficial to the company as well as the companies are not only able
to have healthy employees which contribute to productivity but it also helps a
company to attract and retain valuable employees.

and work life, balance

The HR today has to
value the employee’s family, as happy family leads to happy workforce. Unlike
in the past the HR today has to provide the employees with various flexibility
such as providing them with family leaves and parental leave, even to the
extent of organizing family day out for staff, and allowing sometimes, of day
offs for the employees to resolve family issues. For HR managers providing
these facilities comes at the cost of time, but it leads to motivation of the
employees which further leads to better productivity therefore it is worth the
cost for today’s HR managers.

workplace experience

In this companies such
as Pandora and Airbnb are directing their organization towards creating
“workplace as an experience”, under workplace as an experience the companies
try to orchestrate different elements of work such as the physical, emotional,
intellectual and virtual to inspire their employees. For example, Airbnb has
moved from confined offices cubicles to ‘belong anywhere working environment’
where employees can work from anywhere from kitchen to living room, by this the
employees have freedom to either work alone or be with other folks and create a
sense of belonging.

management and globalization

Todays HR managers
focus on having mix employees in terms of skills, knowledge, and cultural
adaptability in order to manage global projects and assignments, as a result
the employees background, customs, culture and language differences become more
common, therefore the HR has to guide its managers to be more flexible as the
workers belong to different nationalities and colors. It has therefore now
become important to train the managers to be flexible and to recognize the difference
of the employees and to adapt to their different working styles and get the
maximum utilization of them.

Pay on basis of performance

The cycle of paying on
the basis of the annual review is fading away, and todays HR managers are
focusing on a continuous review and performance base for compensation. This
approach of paying on the basis of regular performance and review will leads to
better productivity and learning and increased feedback conversation, which may
lead to and guilt free environment, and also this approach often leads to
motivation of the employees for better performance.


Nowadays almost all the
companies have employee involvement concepts which are accepted, some of the
departments where employee involvement takes place are in managerial decisions,
goal setting, delegation, team work etc. In order to facilitate involvement of
employees in these areas the HR managers of today have a major role to play,
which is to train the employees in these sectors so that they can efficiently
take decisions and effectively participate in the delegation process, setting
of goals and making decisions. For this the HR manager give various training to
the employees such as of developing interpersonal skills to make work team
function properly.

talent = job description 

The most innovative HR
practices of today is that of removing the job description, and defining the
job on the basis of the employee’s skills, strengths, and interest, this new
practice is bringing high success as it gives a perfect match of employee’s
strengths to that of the job’s requirement. Therefore, serving as one of the
recent innovative practice adopted by HR managers.