The this approach is useless. We can’t

The concept of
rational strategic management suppose an environment of an organization
stability and little bit changes and expectant so, an organization can step
forward towards the market planning for the future implications. But today, the
environment is facing more complex and rigid organization. If an organization
main focus on the rational model so it will may only pay attention with
management efficiency and forming strategic management excessively which will
create a kind of logjam for strategic management. Another way of the dynamic
approach is collectivisms with the times and manage the whole situation into
account and plan according to the particular plan.

ineffectiveness of the rational approach does not mean this approach is
useless. We can’t say the dynamic approach is useful for all strategies. The
rational approach promoted for consider the available alternatives and check
out all of the consequences of every alternative and chosen the appropriate
alternative. The positive impact on organization output existed but the
organization can not only rely on the rational approach for positive
performance. Hence, some researchers suggested and integrated approach -hanging
up the rational approach and the dynamic approach together. Mintzgerg (1987)
stated that real time strategy is always a collection of the rational approach
and the dynamic approach. As the strategic management is a complex synergy of
strategy and the integrated plan may result a better performance.

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the management of the strategy is called strategic management is a science
which is closely related to social science. The methodology for the strategy
formulation requires an adapting to the nature of science discipline. The types
of organization practices some form of strategic plan making can survive,
anticipating the unpredictability of external factors that may change the environment.

and Science of Communication:

science of communication are those key elements that create communication. The
particular key elements are words, tone and body language. Our 7% of total
communication is formed by words. Tone forms about 38% of the total
communication and body language holds a 55% of the communication.

science of the communication helps to understand the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of the
communication while the art of the communication show up the ‘when’ of the
communication. For communication effectively we have to know about what and how
of the communication. It is also important to know about when to communication
is necessary and when to not.

Processing information:

are basically the instruction given to the devices or brain for processing.
Decision making is the second process that accepts the instruction and take a
decision how to solve the problem with which software etc. output are basically
the result generated through the input and processing. Feedback are the opinion
given to the particular result that how much you are satisfied with the result.

Seeking knowledge:

person who is in search of the knowledge known as the knowledge seeker.
Knowledge can be acquired through the understanding, learning, experience,
perceiving and learning. From the education level it can be theoretical or
practical as well. Otherwise it can be implicit and explicit. According to the
philosophy perspective the study of the knowledge also known as epistemology. One
discipline of epistemology is focuses on partial knowledge.

Increasing intellectual capacity:

ability is related to active participation in cultural and community
activities. For the smooth and effective process it is important to maintain
intellectual ability because it expands knowledge and skills.

are simple eight steps for the increasing intellectual capacity:

Read for fun

Debate an issue with a friend, but choose the
view point opposite to the one you hold

Create improvements in your skills for studying
and learning

Create ability to learn about the foreign

Play game

Play a musical instruments

Write down about your thoughts or journal

Do crossword or play puzzles

Making decisions: