The the museum come to be an advantage

The Istanbul Museum of present day art  built in 2004 and close to the college of Mimar Sinan by way of contribution of Eczac?ba??. aim of museum is that spread creativity of arts to complete mass and sharing the cultural identification with global artwork domain names. current and cutting-edge artistic endeavors are exhibited in thhe museum. additionally, museum result in see today’s international.        inside the starting,  there are 193 artworks belong to 109 artists from one of a kind nations. At that factor, we had a risk to see different human beings’s stories, views and critiques. Exhibition based totally on   ” Artist and Time” this means that that artists create their works of art with recognize to time. place to begin of this concept comes from Ahmet Hamdi Tanp?nar. He refers that ” i’m neither inner of the time nor completely out of doors of the time”. As it is seen in my snap shots from museum which taken by means of Co?kun Aral explains that concept. In his photo, Aral wants to reflect cruel global conditions that humans nonetheless make effort to be existed. furthermore, Aral also demonstrates 1980s in eire’s  Indepence conflict, Iran-Iraq struggle, war in Afghanistan. That makes possible to peer what have been the conditions in this age of global or those regions. besides, arrangement of artworks is not based on periodically, essential thing is associated with thoughts of artists. as an instance, an exciting factor is that artistic endeavors are organized via aligning them which have similar or equal thoughts were represented inside the work. for this reason, I may want to take a look at the works of art installed via one of a kind humans and a long time. additionally, some works of art I could interpret them with the aid of using my learned information in the lecture and my interpretation stage multiplied. further, museum has some abstract artworks that still show us how they may be fashioned in distinctive duration.         In end, this lecture and visiting the museum come to be an advantage to see how people’s opinion alternate or stayed the same now and again and also aligning artworks consistent with similar and equal thoughts changed into very innovative and make easy to information main factor of them.