The Passing of an Uncle Essay

The Passing of an UncleHe was an important part of my life. Although I have a father, he was like a second father to me. Who could have resisted his antics and his humor? He always had a ready joke to give to anyone who needs a smile. There were many times that he became the sun in my gloomy day. We played together. We shopped together.

We went to places together. We had lots of fun together.Too bad the fun had to stop. He passed away.

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Uncle was a pediatrician. He often told me about his experiences in treating patients and how he has come to love kids. They may be pesky but they are perky, patience is not their primary trait; but parents love them for their playfulness, prettiness and parents are patient with them because of that. Uncle developed friendship with a lot of parents of his patients. As a kid, I would sometimes visit his clinic just to hang out and be with him.

As I watch him deal with his patients, I remember seeing a gleam in his eye, which I interpret now as his passion for what he is doing. I always see people walking down the streets and at the malls, who seem to be impatient to get things over with. But uncle was not someone who hurried things just to get on with the next task. He dedicated time and passion to every child that he treated. Whether the child has simple fever, cough, bowel problems, or even the more serious illnesses such as pneumonia and meningitis, he devoted time for each of his patients.Uncle even visits some of his patients to make sure that they are alright.

He brought me once on his visit to one of his patients. His demeanor spoke of a quiet confidence and authority. I was struck by the appearance of the father of the patient we visited. I could remember the sickness of the child but in the eyes of the father, there was dread and panic but in my uncle’s eyes were the assurance that everything will be okay.As I continued to be with my uncle, I felt that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.

The way he dealt with his patients, the sureness and dexterity of his hands, the quiet confidence he exuded, the passion and compassion in his eyes when treating any of his patients, and most of all, the way he showed me how to become a professional and warm person. I will never forget how my uncle influenced me and taught me how to deal with different kinds of people.My uncle quickly became one of the most important figures in my life. A second father.

Confidant. Friend. His mere presence would overwhelm me with positive energy. This is not to say that we did not quarrel or disagree on several things. We did. But the resolution of those fights all the more drew us closer together.

I grew up with a desire to emulate his example. Too bad the fun had to stop. He passed away. How could I experience fun again?I mourned and cried over his passing away. Life is like that. It is never permanent. It is always in flux and people come and go.

The memory of my uncle will remain with me.