The the effectiveness of the implementation of Voluntary

The increased crime rates in housing areas have forced the government to find the best approach as criminal activities effect emotional, physical and psychological of victims. Various strategic initiatives have been planned through collaboration between government agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. As a result of this collaboration, active involvement of local communities through structured and organized Voluntary Patrolling Scheme (VPS) in crime prevention activities is seen as the best approach to addressing crime in residential areas. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to delve the meaning of the feel safe according to the view of the community and to identify factors affecting the effectiveness of the implementation of Voluntary Patrol Schemes in local housing areas. This study, using a phenomenological approach based on idealistic ontology and constructional epistemology. This study was conducted at Taman Perumahan Kepayan, Penampang, Sabah. A total of 35 informants were selected in this study using non-probability sampling techniques such as purposive sampling and snowballs. Data were collected by interview techniques and focus group discussions. The findings suggest that the feel safe meaning according to the view of the housing community is divided into two main themes namely life and property security and social beliefs that is the trust of the relationship between members of the community. In addition, the factors affecting the effectiveness of Voluntary Patrol Schemes are divided into five main factors, namely leadership factors in the housing community, cultural factors, social status, ineffective communication between government agencies responsible for the community and the social structure of the local community itself. Local social structures built on the basis of religion, customs and traditions and social norms need to be restructured jointly between the agencies, the private sector and the local housing community to ensure the effectiveness of the Voluntary Patrolling Scheme.