The Pizza wars Essay

BSB’s mission would seem to be to encourage and draw more students to use the on campus food service as opposed to off campus foods and also the making of foods in their dorms. This mission was seen as a plan to keep business on campus and also to provide students with a more convenient option for food. BSB has a few advantages with the new strategy of pizzas. The first would be offering a quicker and cheaper alternative to ordering pizza from another source or from having to leave their dorm to go and get food from a restaurant. It also allows students to not have to cook their own food. It does also contain a couple core competencies as it does provide consumer benefits that competitors could not easily imitate. It would be very hard for off campus pizza places to make and deliver a pizza in the short amount of time that it would take the on campus store as well as having to compete with the cheaper delivery costs.

Kershaw expanded her menu at the on campus eateries to contain pizza, which was quickly made and could be delivered cheaply and quickly. This strategy made the on campus food much more convenient being able to have it delivered so quickly. Her main competitive priority was to show that they could provide a good product quicker and more conveniently than the off campus competitors. This was a great strategy that proved beneficial to both students and the on campus food industry.

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The creation of the new food court will most likely hurt the business of the older on campus food choices as the new ones offer popular named restaurants that students are familiar with. These names, such as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, may have been places that the students had previously visited off campus before the on campus pizza grill. Now that the new food court would offer these popular restaurants in a more convenient location, it is very likely that the students would eat there more and at the older on campus locations much less. However, the pizza grill could still be popular as the new Pizza Hut is only a walk and order, and delivery is not available. This could still keep some business at the older food choices, or at least the parts with the pizza delivery available. It would be a good idea for Kershaw to concentrate more on the pizza delivery as an option that no other on campus restaurant would provide as well as possibly expanding the service hours.

If Kershaw changed her priorities with the pizza program into making more available, it is likely that it would be used more as it is the only delivery option available. It would affect her operations by training more people for the pizza industry and making that her primary focus. She may need to change employees to the pizza line or to hire more in order to make the pizza more available. This would be necessary to meet the capacity needs that could come about if it did prove to be the top pizza option for delivery. By having more people trained to work in the pizza industry they could deliver more pizzas to more people at more times, which ultimately would end up in more business.

A good idea for Kershaw to consider in order to match the new food court’s competition would be to offer a 24 hour pizza delivery. Obviously she could have less people work during the night, but she could definitely gain customers who would be up late and order. In general, offering their delivery service at more times would end up in more sales. Due to the fact that Pizza Hut does not have call in orders and delivery, her strategy should be to offer as much as she can that Pizza Hut does not offer as a strategy to take the customers that want pizza but either cannot come to the store to get it or would like it after or before Pizza Hut opens.