The place Essay

Caroline Kirkland, Richard Wright, and Calvin Trillin all evidently had an enthusiastic pursuit of the American dream. And along their travel from one place in the United States to another, they have acquired the experiences which led them to coming up with the works where they are known for. Like any other individual, each of these authors has a clear picture of what their goals are and how they should act in order to achieve them.The life of Caroline Kirkland had started in New York City where she was brought up by a mother who is also a writer and poet.

From New York, the whole family moved to Michigan and here she started her successful career in writing (The Public Media Foundation, 2007). But because of financial failure the family decided to move back to New York where she continued her writing career. It is very evident that the Kirklands move to Michigan to seek greener pasture and in the process has gained experiences which fortified her as a writer and led to the betterment of her abilities as a writer. She was full of hopes and continued with her other interests such as when she opened a school for girls in New York. Richard Wright was forced to move from one place to another because of financial difficulties caused by major events during his lifetime. He has been involved in political parties which have harnessed his abilities and led him to writing works with timely issues (Mullen, 2008).From his works, we can see his positive hopes on the eradication of the problem of poverty and racism. This is still the reflection of his American Dream and how he tried achieving it.

Calvin Trillin had once served the army and continued his writing career (“Calvin Trillin”, n.d.). He is known for his humorous and witty writing on the American life, including one man shows like “Calvin Trillin’s Uncle Sam”.

He might have lived in different places in his lifetime, this surely helped him in his depiction of the American Dream, which he evidently pursued eagerly. His light approach to portraying his hopes and goals provides more inspiring and brighter outlook in life for his readers and audience.References“Calvin Trillin.” (n.d.) The Nation.

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