“The Power that Contest or enhance?” Essay

“The Power that Contest or enhance?”The Church possessed ecclesiastical power, the power of being separated from the state, hence, has we experienced it until today the Church still has a grasp of the nation-state and its people. It is argued that as portrayed by Saint Gregory, Eirhand and Notker if this so-called ecclesiastical power enhance, check or contest political authority? The authority allows giving reason for action rather than of belief. It is saying that the political authorities have a duty on its subject rather than to give it reasons for action.

It is the primary system of political authority to make its people work or act to solve a common problem towards a common goal.  Moreover, a person can initiate the duty to comply with an order for the reason that it orders the involved individual to make an action that is a substitute action that is unreasonable. The responsibility would depend on the subject matter of the dominion. Commands that are unreasonable or maybe those commands that asked for actions (not wholly) have the possibility not to engross duty at all.

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Gregory of Tours described the Church during his time when the Church was still starting to establish itself in Europe and war leading the people away from paganism. It is known for a fact that Gregory lived in the 6th Century A.D; hence, there is no certainty with this fact.Religion, in this matter- the Roman Catholic is the “answer to salvation”.

It has a large impact on our society; this is proven over history ever since civilizations have ever started (religion per se). Common philosophy of the members of the Church (Christians) believes that the events foregoing was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In the book Gregory of Tours “History of Franks” It seems that Saint Gregory was making a manuscript to pave way for the Frankian kings.  It is seen that he is after the influence of the Church to its people. “Guntra Boso, who was loathed by the Queen, began to visit the bishops and nobles one after the other, in order to sue for forgiveness, which he had previously scorned.

During the minority of King Childebert, he had never ceased to heap abuse and insults on Queen Brunhild; and he had encouraged enemies, too, to behave towards her in the most hostile fashion.” (Lewis Thorpe, p. 488). It been a belief of most Christians mostly Catholics that as long as you’re on the side of the Church you are doing what it is to be right or rather you’re on the right side of the road. One’s salvation depends on how one act towards the Church.

It was all about the religion and the belief, Gregory of Tours’ writings circled around his church. It is the Church and everything around it-“And after this thirty monks came to the place where the town fell in ruins and began to dig in the ground which remained when the mountain had fallen, trying to find bronze and iron. And while engaged in this they heard a rumbling of the mountain like the former one. And while they were kept there by their greed the part of the mountain which had not yet fallen on them and covered and destroyed them and none of them was found.”Gregory of Tours.

Retrieved January 30, 2009, from Website:http://web.mac.com/kipfarr1/iWeb/Ruminations%20from%20Kolob/Gregory%20Tours.htmlEverything was made clear in an exact event.

There are plural events, meaning it didn’t just happened once. Moreover, it is believed that plagues and calamities are there because of the wrong doings of the people on earth and these serves as a punishment by God to its Devil-influenced people.Ecclesiastical Power checks political authority, primarily because of its function to manipulate its people in order to believe in a certain norm and be able to take out some actions. The ecclesiastical power defeated its own purpose of being separated from the state or in Gregory of Tours and Eirhand’s time frame-the Empires. People have been working hard to attest a stable reputation for its Church and make it capable of the peoples’ trust. The only way for it to continue living is to gather up followers that bear out the same belief.

On the other hand, it can be also obvious that Gregory’s was also affected by the royalties he had served during his time. Depending on who is seating in the throne or either who have already died. It is amazing how one’s belief can be easily manipulated because of its jurisdictional differences. Gregory of Tours was under many and different Frankish Kings and it can be seen how he subsequently merge opinions from one way to the other.

He has can change his own opinion and sometimes makes his own opinions vigorous than his prior..