The Promised Land is the land which God has promised Essay

1. The Promised Land is the land which God has promised to provide to Abraham and his followers as it was promised that a land between River of Egypt and Euphrates River would be given to them. Over the period of time, this however, has remained one of the most controversial issues as the Promised Land is the center of all three major religions of the world i.e. Judaism, Christianity as well as Islam. The subsequent actions of Patriarchs include some of the most serious effort to found that promised land geographically and based on the religious ideology. The life of Abraham was starting point for this search therefore all the experiences as well as actions were rudimentary in nature and was largely driven by finding the Promised Land. The later Patriarchs however put a lot of efforts and stress on setting up geographical foundations of the Promised Land and the effort was finally successful in first half of the 20th century. Till that period though the geographical existence of the land was there however, it was not in the hands of Jews permanently. Thus the efforts and actions of Patriarchs were largely directed at setting up the religious and geographical foundations of the land.

2. The Covenant promise to Abraham made great changes into the lives of the wives of Patriarchs as especially life of Sarah was something which radically changed with this as she was to be the seed bearer for Abraham’s next generations which were going to Patriarchs in the future. However, almost all the wives of the Patriarchs have to sacrifice their personal lives and ambitions as the heads of the family was given a divine duty to perform.

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