The The action taken to prevent this issue

The product
recall discussed below is that of Motrin Infant drops. The infant drops are
manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson. The recall was due to
plastic particles which were found in a batch which had not yet been released
into the market. This recall was a voluntary recall as a precaution since there
were no known effects of the plastics being in the drops.

The recall was
avoidable if the quality measures had proper checks in place to ensure  quality. A review of the testing protocols for
materials received would be required to ensure an improved quality of the

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The action taken
to prevent this  issue of quality from happening
again was  reviewing the issue of the
supplier, ensuring a more effective method of detecting this issue. Johnson &
Johnson have also put in place a new Chief Executive Officer, Alex Gorsky, to
replace William C. Weldon, who had been criticized for focusing too much
attention on cost-cutting and too little on quality. Mr. Gorsky, a longtime
company executive, has said he would place fixing the quality problems among
his highest priorities. (THOMAS 2013)

Quality costs
are lowered by identifying the root causes of quality problems and taking
action to eliminate these causes. (Paul Keller
Therefore, to achieve the most minimal cost of quality, they would first have to
rectify the quality issues that haunt them.

All the quality control
records should be digitally stored and security measures taken to ensure they are
not tampered with.

In conclusion,
not only is a quality system essential to have in a company it is also
important that the system is the correct one for the company to ensure first
time quality.

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