The rapid technological progression Essay

Sydney Central Railway Station, although being developed and progressed through clip to reflect the rapid technological patterned advance of conveyance systems ; still retains its traditional nineteenth century architecture as a reminder of the yesteryear which besides makes it stands out like freshness. As you walked into the Station, you can non assist but experience the presence of the yesteryear, amidst the hustling and bustling of people go throughing by in a haste. This act of hotfooting in itself, depicts modernness as we are caught in a clip zone where we have to invariably maintain up with times ; literally and metaphorically.

The thought of tradition versus modernness has ever been a long problematic issue. In footings of building, can these two thoughts co-exist with one another? Sydney Central Station is a perfect illustration of how these two constructs can co-exist and besides are intermittently linked. It is besides impossible to specify modernness without looking back at tradition. In the olden yearss, a Station is depicted as a topographic point of picking up and dropping off riders. It besides housed the manner of conveyance, for illustration, coachs, trains or taxis and in this peculiar context, we are discoursing trains. With respects to Sydney Central Station, it is besides a topographic point where people come together to run into before shiping towards their concluding finish.

However, as clip evolved, so did civilization. A station now, no thirster is that simplistic. Amidst retaining its traditional architecture, there is besides a alteration of civilization go oning within the station.

Sydney Central Railway Station is one of the oldest and largest railroad Stationss in Sydney. It was foremost opened on the 4th of August, 1906 and is situated on the Southern portion of Sydney Central Business District ( CBD ) . It services about all the lines on the City Rail web and it is the major terminus for all rail services, both interurban and interstate.

Sydney Central Railway Station has evolved from the clip of steam engines to electricity to maintain with the times. As the universe progresses, so did the universe of going. Amidst the advancement, Sydney Central Railway Station still maintained its architecture signifier of traditional expression while co-existing with the modernness milieus and occurrences.

Tradition is a set of usage or patterns that has existed for every bit long as Man can retrieve and still ongoing or preserved until today. “ Tradition by and large understood to affect the saving of a way/s of life and the thoughts and beliefs that sustain these ” ( Watson 2009, ‘The thought of the modern and modernness ‘ talk, 27 July 2009 ) which besides includes cultural and societal activities. It can besides be linked to nostalgic value alternatively of patterns, for illustration, architecture of a edifice is retained at its original so current coevals can appreciate it for what it represents ; and non because it looks beautiful.

“ Architecture works in infinite as history plants in clip. History interrupts clip ‘s ceaseless flow, sectioning and reordering it on behalf of the human demand for intending. Architecture intrudes in the illimitable sweep of infinite, spliting it into utile, comprehendible pieces. Converting infinite into topographic points through break, architecture brings intending to the spacial dimensions ” . ( Glassie 2000, p21 )

Traditional Architecture is besides known as Common Architecture. The Encyclopaedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World defines common architecture as “ … consisting the homes and all other edifices of the people. Related to their environmental contexts and available resources, they are customarily owner- or community – built, utilizing traditional engineerings. All signifiers of common architecture are built to run into specific demands, suiting the values, economic systems and ways of life of the civilizations that produce them. ” ( Oliver, 1998 )

Within this context, the usage of Sandstone in the building of Sydney Central Railway Station was non one of design but more so because at that period of clip, it was the common stone in the Sydney part as affirmed by Glassie ( 2000 ) that “ common edifice is composed of local stuffs. ” However, with clip, besides being appreciated for its ‘ beauty, it now has a nostalgic feel to it as it represented the yesteryear while standing tall within the current minute.

Sydney Central Station was built to last and the fact that it can still intermix in among the modern type edifices proved that “ traditional ” architecture can be dynamic in nature. What was modern so may go “ tradition ” to the following coevals. The procedure of tradition and modernness is ever invariably interlinked and ongoing. However, it can non be denied that when one thinks of tradition, one can non assist but associate it to history or its historical facet.

The construct of modernness was introduced or derived through the age of enlightenment. Enlightenment is of import non because of historical grounds but besides because the manner it helps determine society. Enlightenment doctrine when “ applied to persons, this was a philosophy of ego betterment through attempt and intelligence. Applied to society, it was the belief in the necessity of societal advancement. Belief in the ability of societies to organize their ain self-improvement became important in the development of modernness. ” ( Gillen and Ghosh, 2007, p33 ) Enlightenment was critical on modernist thought as it was traveling off from tradition and caused about the rise of individuality and enlargement of bureaucratism.

How so, does modernness exists within the kingdom of Sydney Central Station? There are a batch of definitions and readings to modernness but “ modernness ever comes to be identified with world ‘s nisus for continual advancement. ” ( Watson 2009, ‘The thought of the modern and modernness ‘ talk, 27 July 2009 ) Modernity trades with changeless alteration and transmutation in present clip. This can besides be incorporated into edifices as it keeps altering with clip. What used to be considered ‘modern ‘ , in footings of building in the early twentieth century, is no longer modern today. This is true in footings of the standard steel frame and glass building. The latest in composite stuffs and composite structural engineering are what ‘modern ‘ architecture usage today. This is particularly applicable in the instance of Sydney Central Station with the Restoration works that is being done to it. In seeking to renovate Sydney Central Station, “ Part of the procedure involves utilizing a alone NSW developed merchandise called Cocoon that removes salt and contaminations and arrests farther impairment. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

While retaining its traditional expression on a whole, Sydney Central Station embraced “ advancement ” by replacing the index board with telecasting proctors. The built-in board “ was an built-in portion of the history of the NSW railroads. It comprises 22 perpendicular panels on which rider train information was displayed, peculiarly the going clip, platform figure and station names at which trains would halt. It was wholly automatically operated from floor degree by station staff through a series of rods, decrease cogwheels, grouchs and counterbalances. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) The index board placed sentimental values to the Black Marias of Sydney occupants and visitants as it was a popular meeting topographic point during the first and 2nd universe war.

An effort to modernize the board took topographic point in 1945 by put ining art deco characteristics after the remotion of its neo-classical ornamentation. The debut of fluorescent visible radiations over the board ‘s canopy was a representation of modernness at that period of clip and it was merely until 1982 that State Rail Authority hesitatingly replaced the Board with telecasting proctors to maintain up with advancement.

Although the board was replaced with the workings of telecasting proctors, it was still retained for its sentimental and traditional values. Considerable sum of research and work were done to it to reconstruct it to its visual aspect in 1937. “ Because the board has evolved over clip and changed well in response to electrification, extension and closing of lines and Stationss, a big figure of splines bearing station names had to be added or removed. Color samples were taken and analysed from all over the board, and it was repainted in appropriate colorss. Decorative metalwork was reproduced from enlarged exposure and programs and replaced following to the clock and on the board ends. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

As the board was no longer a on the job entity, it was offered to the Museum by the State Rail Authority of NSW for saving so that coevalss to come would be able to spy how it has evolved for every bit long as it can with clip.

The debut of fining machines is besides a mark of alteration and advancement. However, although the debut of fining machine eases the work load of Railway Staff, it does non needfully intend that the Station is ready to do its fining staff disused as human existences are capable of alteration themselves and maintain up with advancement. This is where tradition and modernness, decidedly work manus in manus with clip.

To further instil the feel of modernness, Fast Food Mercantile establishments like Hungry Jacks and KrispyKreme were installed in Sydney Central Station as a representation of alteration to suit the demands of riders waiting to travel onboard. For some, it may be an facet of Capitalism but from a modernness point of position, this represents alteration. It may be considered as tacky picks but in maintaining with times, the demand for these capitalistic fast nutrient eating houses far outweighs the demand for a coffeehouse. The act of being personally served by a server is considered tradition, while presents, people are happy to merely travel up to a counter to put an order as it is the quickest signifier of acquiring served.

In modern times, there is a stating ; clip delaies for no Man which means that if you do non maintain up with the times in advancement, you will be held back or battle to do it. That in itself is modernness. The universe has now evolved to a province of haste. Majority of the multitudes are no longer taking their clip to bask what they do but alternatively are hotfooting to “ acquire it ” and to “ complete it ” . Hence why, McDonalds will ever be the fastest merchandising and figure one fast nutrient mercantile establishment in the universe.

With the debut of fast nutrient eating house in Central Station, does it transport deduction that our household values has eroded? With this, I meant, does it symbolize that we no longer maintain close relationship with one another as a consequence of our “ haste ” civilization. In the olden yearss, non eating together as a whole household unit at the dinner tabular array is unheard of. Part of keeping a close knit relationship with one another did flow over to the dinner tabular array, where everyone is allowed to portion with others the occurrences of their day-to-day lives. This allowed each member of the household to appreciate and understand each other as they have clip for the other.

Is modernness to fault in the face of fast nutrient eating house for the alteration in relationship civilization between household members? Or is it merely a mark that, times have changed. We still do keep the tradition of being close, merely that we are non as long winded in the act as we did in the past. We have learnt to maintain conversations short and simple. This inquiry is subjective to the point that there can be no right or incorrect reply to it.

Part of the enlightenment legacies led to a dramatic alteration in the function of adult females in society. Traditionally, a adult female ‘s function was ever at place, plug awaying off in the kitchen, keeping the place and maintaining the household together but enlightenment doctrine has caused adult females to value themselves as more than a housewife ; that they are capable of more and in modernness, they are capable of being calling minded self-asserting workers as their male opposite numbers. Modernity saw the alteration in adult females ‘s position, endeavoring for equality.

Sydney Central Station has besides evolved in footings of advertisement. “ In earlier yearss, paper advertizements were plastered on station walls, marks hung from platform fencings and company logos painted on the interior and outside of trains. Following World War II, production of consumer goods blossomed as people ‘s disposable income increased – and the volume of ocular advertisement increased with it. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) These have now been replaced by advertisement panels put up along the paseo lower land.

Station architecture aside, Sydney Central Station has besides seen the alterations in its train architecture and system. From the age of steam to electricity train, this besides shows how tradition is interlinked to modernness.

“ Until the center of the 1800s, people travelled around the settlements of the Australian continent by horse-drawn conveyance and by coastal transportation services. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) The first terminal station in Sydney was built in 1855. Traveling has ever been a womb-to-tomb tradition. There are many grounds why one travels ; for work, for leisure, to run into up with friends or relations ; the list is eternal. The act of traveling is a tradition but how we travel is where the construct of modernness boots in.

One of the cardinal thoughts to the enlightenment bequests is that they believe in rationalism or empiricist philosophy which is to make with advancement, scientific discipline, facts etcetera. Sydney Central Station would hold witnessed this cardinal thought taking topographic point with the modeling of its trains.

“ Early Australian trains were powered by steam engines that burned coal and poured black carbon black from their chimneys. In the 1950s, these were replaced by cleaner and more efficient Diesel engines. Electric trains followed and are now most the most common train in the built up countries of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The alteration in trains proven advancement. Travel may be a signifier of tradition but in order to maintain the act of going efficient, there was a demand to better and upgrade train systems. Steam Trains ; due to its usage of manual labor ( to shovel coal to maintain the trains running ) have led to damaging wellness jobs to its workers that kept it traveling. Besides wellness hazards, it was besides fouling the environment. The impact of coal usage was likely non realised every bit much as it is today as nursery consequence is unheard of. However, it is non the usage of coal that is wholly responsible for the environmental pollution today. It is how coal is used that we have to be cognizant of as “ Coal is still the most abundant, widely distributed, safe and economical dodo fuel available to run into this intensifying energy demand. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

With the debut of electric trains, the usage of manual labor to shovel coal was no longer needed as trains were running via electrical lines. No Rail employee would necessitate to interrupt their dorsum to maintain the trains running as they merely need to utilize a flick of the switch to acquire the electricity channelled into the trains.

1926 saw the first Sydney suburban line web being electrified, this was besides the same twelvemonth when Sydney foremost batch of electric trains were introduced. The original passenger cars were made up of wooden organic structures ( which was considered to be traditional ) before it progressed to aluminium building in 1964 and now to stainless steel organic structures It continues to come on architecturally in 1988 when the Tangara fleet were introduced. “ Tangara introduced the latest engineering and modern streamlined styling which clearly differentiated them from old coevalss. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The current train coevals is known as the Millenium. “ Although similar to Tangaras, the Millennium trains are a consequence of altering client outlooks in footings of internal design. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) This means that with times a changing, client ‘s demands and outlooks besides changes depending on what is more practical and relevant in current times. For illustration, with the debut of warming and air-conditioning system in the new trains that started off from the Tangara Trains. Prior to that, this would likely non be seen as a basic necessity in a train as it is today.

With internal design, we would be looking at the practicality and comfort degree of trains. The Millenium has more seating capacity as compared to Tangara and both are modern trains ; to accommodate the turning demands of population. The Millenium besides has wheelchair entree infinites for handicapped bodied riders while Tangara does non. Tangara is still operable in NSW but this merely shows how modernness still takes topographic point in a progressive universe. Compare the two trains to the traditional train ; it is obvious that that although the pattern of traveling is a traditional wont or manner of pattern but the agencies of acquiring to topographic points has evolved with clip.

I believe that modernness can non be without tradition. Tradition needs to be interlinked to modernness in order for it to “ last ” . The keyword that binds these two constructs together is continuity. Tradition needs the continued pattern of usage or continued grasp of its originality while Modernity is concerned with changeless advancement which in itself is a province of continuity. It has and must co-exist.

To consume tradition would merely deny modernism from go oning because anything freshly created will be considered as tradition. In order for modernness to be, it has to get down with the debut of tradition or it cease to be.