The reality and the world around it.

The Black DeathCold and murky was the night of poor Sally’s death. The moon shining bright, as such a tragic event takes place. Wrapped in warm blankets,  resting by the gentle fire. Crying her heart out as if her life was towards the end. Although, her life was in fact towards the end. This was no fairy tale, or dream, only reality and the world around it. No parents to comfort her. Their souls, which have disappeared from this cruel world, left her five long days ago. All of her dreams were shattered. Her wedding, which was to be held in the month of July, was canceled, due to the death of the Cole Friar. Such a sweet man, who did nothing to deserve such a cruel and unworthy punishment. Nothing mattered to her at that very moment. The priceless memories that were to be made with her soon to be family, were all gone. She felt empty, as nothing in this whole entire world mattered anymore. This empty feeling was none she had ever felt before. Hopeless depression, mixed with loneliness and pain,  surrounded her body, until she couldn’t take it anymore. As just one last teardrop left her eye, falling to the wooden floor. She lay there, helpless, lonely…     dead. The house remained candle lit, for the rest of the night. The moon was still shining, clear and bright. For this tragic event, was no delight. The death of poor Sally, took place tonight.  Introduction paragraph During the 1500s, a deadly plague lingered the continent of Europe, killing every living thing in its path. The people of Europe lived peacefully, without any worries, until the plague came around and infected their bodies. Fevers and weakness ache their bodies. Black bumps appeared, giving this deadly disease its name. Because the Black death spread so rapidly, it wiped out more than one-third of Europe’s population. Topic AThe Black Death was a deadly disease that was spread by fleas on rodents, carrying a bacteria called Yersinia Pestis. When ships arrived at the port of Messina, Italy, most of the crew were dead. Sailors were covered in black lumps that ooze out blood. When the harbor officials ordered the ships to leave the harbor, it was too late. The disease had already spread on to land. The plague spread quickly through Constantinople, Athens, and Crete. Soon everyone was coughing, sneezing, then eventually dying. This disease spread so easily, even the touch of an infecteds clothes could kill someone.  Little did the people of Europe know, this disease would spread across the continent and kill more than twenty million people, one third of europe’s population.Topic BSince there was no cure for the disease, some people believed it was a punishment from God. To receive mercy, people started beating themselves up and sacrificing their animals.  Since sacrifices were not healing them, many people started to lose faith in God.  Some people didn’t have any animals to sacrifice though.  Since the plague killed animals too, there had been a wool shortage in europe. Most of the wool wasn’t being sheared though, due to the plague Since most of the workers were dead, there was no one to do jobs for the rich. Which meant that the peasants could rise in the social classes. Topic C The Plague was caused by a bacteria known as Yersinia Pestis. Signs of the plague generally show up within two to five days. Symptoms include large lymph nodes, chills, headaches, fever, and weakness. The disease had no cure during the plague, but with today’s medical advancements, antibiotics are the simple cure for the disease. However, the plague can still be found in many areas. It can be found in lower levels in animals in the united states, but it most commonly found in Madagascar