The Reason of Alcohol Abuse in Australia Essay

The excessive usage of alcohol is drastically affecting Australia which is one of the developed countries of the world. The heavy drinking has negative impact on the lives of Australian people and have become a considerable reason for disease, death and injuries.

The alcohol drinking is not only harmful for the health of individual drinkers but has too affected the broader community, families and bystanders (National Health and Medical Research Council).The alcohol has been tried sometimes by many Australians in their lives. The alcohol is being used for various reasons including cultural and social contexts such as religious observance, cultural participation, drinking for sociability or upon influence of peer. Australians also drink alcohol for habit, mood alteration, relaxation, pleasure, boredom, addiction, intoxication, enhanced creativity, to drown or forget or escape ‘sorrows’ and to overcome inhibitions (Department of Health and Ageing).

Reason of Alcohol Abuse in AustraliaIt was realized that alcohol abuse is a norm transported culture being established in Australia. The heavy drinking was a norm in Europe during colonization time in Australia. Alcohol has been a source of nutrition in Australia for a long time which is used for diets because there was not else nutrition to choose from. Alcohol is too served as food consumption. In 19th century, the Australian people practiced alcohol usage as an alternative to water and too considered alcohol in place of water-based things due to the pollution problems. Many of such various reasons brought the heavy drinking of alcohol on the first fleets in the Australian traditions which are still being practiced excessively. Over a time, this traditional heavy drinking of alcohol drastically affected the indigenous culture of Australia.

According to Lewis, the continuous usage of alcohol being drunk in Australia, significantly led to enshrined the different rituals of male solidarity (2010).There have been two recognized drinking practices through which alcohol is consumed excessively. The first one is ‘shouting’ in which a round of drinks is bought by one person for the drinking of whole group.

The second one is ‘work and bust’ in which alcohol is drunk heavily after a lengthy hard work in the bush. Each of the practice involves heavy drinking of alcohol. The other reason for alcohol abuse is the drinking while playing (CATI Technical Reference Group). In years ahead and now, there are various social meanings of alcohol.

It has been obviously seen that beer, brandy, stout and wine are perceived as good dietary supplements and was too widely realized a nutritional food for maintaining good health. Even the stout drinking was encouraged for nursing mothers because it was believed to be helpful in the production of breast milk (Lewis, 2010).ConclusionThus, it is crystal clear that alcohol abuse is significantly based in social life of Australians from the early era. Traditionally, the alcohol has been utilized as a medicine, food, beverage and even used as a psychoactive drug in Australia. The Australian people consume heavy drinking of alcohol as a sedative, fortifier, thirst-quencher, toast, sacrament and specifically, a symbol of sophistication.

In short, alcohol abuse is practiced in Australia for various reasons which were useful in the first fleets but the excessive drinking of alcohol has now brought about many health care issues which have become an obstruction in the social, cultural and personal lives of Australian people (CATI Technical Reference Group).Since, the heavy drinking is based mostly on the cultural grounds and personal beliefs of Australian people, thus, it is difficult to restrict people from heavy drinking, yet, a comprehensive guide for reducing alcohol usage will help and encourage people in reducing the level of drinking habits being practiced by Australian people across the country (National Health and Medical Research Council).BibliographyCATI Technical Reference Group (2003), Alcohol Consumption in Australia, Available from, Accessed May 16, 2010Department of Health and Ageing, Alcohol, Australian Government DHA, Available from, Accessed May 16, 2010Lewis, Milton (2010), Alcohol in Australia: The Intertwining of Social and PersonalHistories, Dulwich Centre, Available from, Accessed May 16, 2010National Health and Medical Research Council, Alcohol and Health in Australia, AustralianGovernment NHMRC, Available from, Accessed May 16,2010