The Relationship of the Mongol and the Silk Road Essay

Running Head: The Relationship of the Mongol and the Silk RoadThe expansion of the Mongol empire helped in bringing of stability in the region therefore contributing to the re-establishment and the growth of the Silk Road. There was a special relationship that existed between the Mongols and the Silk Road. The trade that took place along this route greatly depended on the Mongol empire for it to flourish. The Mongolian conquests brought an era of the expanded contacts between people from different cultures that existed and passed along the route. (Strayer, R 2008 134).The contacts were made possible due to the order and stability that was created by the monarchy.

For an economic activity to succeed there must be factors which play a big role towards such a development. The stable environment made it possible for the strangers to crisscross the vast deserts of the Central Asia up to their destination in the east. The hospitality of the Mongolian people even in situation where the strangers did not submit themselves to their rulers is another pointer of the relationship that existed between the Mongol and the Silk Road. This created an environment that was conducive for the interaction between different peoples that passed along Silk Road. (Whitefield, S 1999 178)The Silk Road continued to flourish with the expansion of the Empire where the traders were provided with the security in the vast dessert region, the Mongols played a great role as they served as the guides to the traders long this route. This relationship between the locals and the traders was made possible by the political stability and the similar culture that was prevalent in the region. (Strayer, R 2008 67) (Kuzmina, E 2008 56)The collapse of the Mongolian empire was a big blow to the Silk Road as the political instability which characterized the disintegration was not conducive for the development of the trade.Banditary and other activities became common along the road further discouraging the traders.

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(McDonald, A 1995 162) The Political powers along the road became culturally and economically separated something that made the region insecure. This led to the decline of the Silk Road as the traders avoided the route due to the instability that followed due to the separation of the political powers. The Silk Road was largely depended on the stability that had been brought by the expansion of the Mongolian Empire. The collapse of this rule made brought different players on the board some of whom were not interested with the outside contacts therefore leading to the collapse of the Silk Road. (Thubron, C 1989 102)ReferencesStrayer, R (2008) Ways of the World: A brief History, Bedford/St MartinsMcDonald, A (1995) The Five Foot Road, Sanfrancisco, Harper CollinsWhitefield, S (1999) Life along the Silk Road, London, John MurrayThubron, C (1989) The Silk Road to ChinaKuzmina, E (2008) Prehistory of the Silk Road, Philadephia, University of Pennsylvania