The Rental Vehicles Web System Computer Science Essay

The Rental vehicles web system is a web-based that creates by JavaScript. Our package application aims to be a complete solution for a web based auto rental agent companies with the support of call centre functionality in Langkawi Island It can be easy for tourer, travel bureau, and Private visitant to online do research, comparing vehicles monetary values and do reserve, on-line payment when they travel.It besides allows the decision maker managed informations beginning in short clip. It accepts new reserve vehicles, View vehicles theoretical account, position day of the month reserve for vehicles, and travel information so that clients can easy look out travel location they need. The system will add on the new characteristic like proof signifier to state the user key in the right value. The system wills maintain records for the clients, and purchases points. So that decision maker can pull off customersi?? reserve lists.1.

2 Problem backgroundThe web-based that creates by decision maker has many utile maps. It contains car save informations, show client merchandises, contact and feedback signifier. The web system is focal points on web-based orders, merchandises and informations binding. This system is merely design for on-line web-based system execution, used for administrative intent.

This system will demo clients inside informations, order inside informations, merchandise inside informations, payment lists and besides including on-line merchandise itemized measures.1.3 Undertaking purposeThe chief mission of Rental vehicles web-based system is looking for Lankawi island rental vehicles market. It can be easy provide for tourer, travel bureau, and Private visitant to online do research, comparing vehicles monetary values and do reserve when they travel1.4 Project aimIn the aims, we aim to better the Rental vehicles concern market in langkawi Island and we besides consider to supply clients able to user easy manner to do reserve.Example client can utilize internet entree to web-based system to, looking for vehicles detail or monetary values and so on.-The system will salvage all clients inside informations for characteristic mentions.- Customers can salvage Time, salvage cost, acquire information on the web-based and can entree in any clip any where- Develop for Rental Vehicles concern market in Langkawi Island.

-Easy decision maker manages reserve informations or treating informations with customeri??s.-More suited to client with decision maker to communicating on cyberspace1.5 Project rangeThe range of this undertaking is make a user friendly web-based system for clients.

The web-based system must be secured and easy to pull off by decision maker. The undermentioned characteristic to be focused on my web system. In booking list, this map enables clients to see booking day of the month when client engagement. In enrollment history this map enables clients to make user inside informations and information.

In vehicles model list this map enables clients to see all types of vehicles. In payment list this map enables clients to see entire of wage booking list. Last, in feedback-form enables clients to direct admin suggestion.

1.6 The of import of the undertakingThe of import failing in the current system are include, connects between web pages and layout subject or possibly more. the connexion at hive awaying informations to net system lading will be slow, because the system is seeking to lade informations files on the web-based first so merely will lade the contents.

Sometimes it may neglect and necessitate to review the page once more and once more. Then is the layout subject, the decision maker was weak in web designing. Some of the web page tabular arraies or images possibly corrupted.1.7 DrumheadIn drumhead, my design thoughts is force on the web-based it can be wholly to hive away all the clients overall inside informations and reserve informations into the on-line application system. Although this is my first clip to make this sort of web-based application system and besides it a challenge of myself.Chapter 2LITERATURE REVIEW2.

1 IntroductionThese chapters wei??re provides the literature reappraisal which is related to the undertaking development and do mention to being of other systems. The beginnings are mentioning from the book, articles, diaries and besides beginnings from cyberspace.2.2 Avis Car rent SystemAvis Rent a Car System, LLC is a auto rental company headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, New Jersey, United States.

Avis, Budget Rent a Car Rental are all units of Avis Budget Group. The company was founded in 1946 with three autos at Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti by Warren Avis.Avis is a taking rental auto supplier to the commercial section functioning concern travellers at major airdromes around the universe, and to leisure travellers at off-airport locations. Many of the off-airport locations are franchised operations instead than company-owned and -operated, as is the instance with most airport locations. Avis was the first auto lease concern to be located at an airdrome.

2.3 Technologies Research and DevelopmentThis chapter we are provides engineerings research and development technique for this undertaking. We will explicate why we utilizing java engineering to be after develop on this undertaking, and it besides compares the other unfastened beginning engineering.2.3.1XMLExtensile Markup Language ( XML ) in 1974 i??Charles Goldfarb, Ed Mosher and Ray Loriei?? invented GML at IBM.

Advantages of XMLReadability: It is text-based and hence human readable. Furthermore, given the usage of text tickets to demarcate the informations, informations represented by XML is normally slightly apprehensible to the reader without mention to any other file or definition.Universality: It supports the Unicode Standard, so text from any character set can be used. Furthermore, the text and elements can be specified in different character sets.

Disadvantages of XMLInefficient: XML was non originally defined as a database storage platform. It was designed to suit the exchange of informations between nodes of dissimilar systems. Compared to other storage algorithms XML is comparatively inefficient.

The XML ticket, which make it clear to worlds, require extra storage and bandwidth.XML Style sheet: XML can be used to convey and hive away paperss for ocular show. However, storage is non its primary or original intent. To utilize it for anything beyond basic show of the informations utilizing markup requires an extra file i?? the XML Stylesheet. XML Stylesheets are conceptually indistinguishable to HTML CSS files, but with a different sentence structure2.3.2JavaJava was created in 1991 by James Gosling et Al. of Sun Microsystems.

Initially called Oak, in award of the tree outside Gosling ‘s window, its name was changed to Java because there was already a linguistic communication called Oak.Advantages of JavaJava has gained tremendous popularity since it foremost appeared. Its rapid Ascension and broad credence can be traced to its design and scheduling characteristics, peculiarly in its promise that you can compose a plan one time, and run it anyplace.Java was chosen as the scheduling linguistic communication for web computing machines ( NC ) and has been perceived as a cosmopolitan front terminal for the endeavor database.Java considered a much simpler and easy to utilize object-oriented scheduling linguistic communication when compared to the popular scheduling linguistic communication.Java has replaced the complexness of multiple heritage in C++ with a simple construction called interface, and besides has eliminated the usage of arrows.Java is much simpler than C++ is because Java uses automatic memory allotment and refuse aggregation where else C++ requires the coder to apportion memory and to roll up refuse.

The figure of linguistic communication concepts in Java is little for such a powerful linguistic communication. The clean sentence structure makes Java plans easy to compose and read.Another facet that makes Java an ideal platform for java application development is the multithreaded factor. This multithread characteristic allows the plan to execute a figure of undertakings at the same time.Disadvantages of JavaJava can be well slower and can take up more memory infinite than other compiled linguistic communications such as C and C++ , java application development.Java is chiefly a single-paradigm linguistic communication and even the expression and feel of GUI applications is immensely different from other applications.

2.3.3 JSP and Servelet2.3.

4 Apache Tomcat2.3.5 Netbean2.4 Database Management SystemDatabase direction system is portion of powerful computing machine plans utilizing to command the creative activity, care, and usage of a database. Todayi??s DBMSs embody decennaries of academic and industrial research and intense corporate package development. Database systems were among the earliest widely deployed online waiter systems and, as such, have pioneered design solutions crossing non merely data direction, but besides applications, runing systems, and networked services.

2.4.1 MYSQL2.4.2 SQL Server ArchitectureChapter 3Research methodological analysis3.

1 IntroductionThis chapter we are provides the method and attack which have used to development on this System. We will discourse different type of theoretical account objects in this system undertaking and a elaborate account of each stage in developing on this undertaking.A methodological analysis is portion of of import technique usage to managing and commanding for research in undertaking to accomplish the specified aims within a given clip. In order to finish this research, there are five major stages involved.

Each stage involved in this undertaking have significance in accomplishing the aims of the undertaking. This undertaking begins with cognition acquisition stage and finished with the certification of consequence. As mentioned in the aim of this undertaking, informations matching technique is applied to supply auto rental service to the users.3.2 Project MethodologyOn this undertaking we need found the best methodological analysis which to easy better, high market value in future develop on this undertaking theoretical account. Finally wei??re taking Waterfall theoretical account to go planed and develop thought for this system undertaking.

The Waterfall Model is the earliest method of structured system development and his create by Winston W. Royce in 1970 It is a extremely structured development procedure, foremost used on DoD package undertakings in the 1970s. It is the i??traditionali?? attack to package development and was derived from defence and aerospace undertaking lifecycles now twenty-four hours The Waterfall Model is still common and widely used in package develop filed.Requirement Analysis & A ; Definition: All possible demands of the system to be developed are captured in this stage. Requirements are set of functionalities and restraints that the end-user expects from the system.

The demands are gathered from the end-user by audience, theses demands are analyzed for their cogency and the possibility of integrating the demands in the system to be development is besides studied. Finally, a Requirement Specification papers is created which serves the intent of guideline for the following stage of the theoretical account.System & A ; Software Design: Before construct the existent cryptography and existent design we must to understand what we are traveling to make and what requirement stuff used to? The demand specifications from first stage are studied in this stage and system design is prepared. System Design helps in stipulating hardware and system demands and besides helps in specifying overall system architecture and specifications with service as input for the following stage of the theoretical account besides.

Implementation & A ; Unit Testing: This measure is having system design paperss, the occupation are divided in to the faculties and started with the existent cryptography. When the system is foremost to developed in little plans we will name this units, which are integrate in the following stage. Each unit is developed and tested for its functionality ; this is mentioning to as Unit Testing.

Unit proving chiefly verifies if the faculties or units meet their specifications.Integration & A ; System Testing: Specified as above the system is foremost divided in units which are developed and trial for their functionalities. These units are integrated into a complete system during Integration stage and trial with all the faculties coordinate between each other and the system as a whole behaves as per the specifications. After successfully proving the package, it will manus in to the client.Operations & A ; Care: This stage of “ The Waterfall Model ” is virtually ne’er stoping stage. Generally, jobs with the system developed which are non found during the development life rhythm come up after its practical usage starts, so the issues related to the system are solved after deployment of the system.

Not all the jobs come in image straight but they arise clip to clip and demands to be solved ; hence this procedure is referred as Maintenance.3.4 Methodology JustificationsNow in this undertaking we will discourse how can we justification thought of waterfall theoretical account, why we choose waterfall theoretical account to be package development thought, and what advantages in waterfall theoretical account.

The waterfall theoretical account is follows a additive and rigorous set of phases during its development procedure. The waterfall theoretical account can be process theoretical account follows a peculiar life rhythm in order to guarantee success in procedure of package development. Important is the waterfall theoretical account have high value in package development field and now a twenty-four hours still a batch of package develop company used to develop they are package productions.The advantage of waterfall theoretical account is it allows for departmentalization and managerial control, after than a agenda can be set with an terminal clip for each phase of development and a merchandise can continue through the development procedure like a shirt in a lavation machine, and theoretically, can be finish on clip.

Development moves from construct, through design, execution, proving, installing, troubleshooting, and stop up at operation and care. Each stage of development returns in rigorous order, without any imbrication or iterative stairss.3.5 System RequirementsIn the development system we will mention to the develop stage and will follow the certain demands in order to do work more expeditiously.3.5.

1 Hardware RequirementsIn hardware portion we will propose used Intel nucleus i5 Processer ( centre unit processor ) to run for sever web base.The sum of RAM ( Random Access Memory ) that is required depend many factors such as demand to other services, often accessed content files, runing system paging files and the web service application. It is recommended to hold at least 1GB ( Gigabyte ) of RAM in order to run the application. Having more RAM ( 2GB or 4GB ) in your waiter will be better as it will let more files to be cached, cut downing disc3.

5.2 Software RequirementsIn package Requirement will used MYSQL to be save informations. Because MySQL has its constitutional bid prompt window to run the needed bids. It is recommended to utilize SQLWave 5 which makes it easier to make, edit, update and delete MySQL databases with its powerful GUI ( Graphical User Interface )3.6 DrumheadThe methodological analysis used is the Waterfall procedure theoretical account because it is the most suited method for this undertaking. It has a additive model and goes frontward within a rigorous set of stages. This method has more advantages when compared with other methods. The system demands which is the hardware and package demands needed for the undertaking were besides discussed in this chapter.

The following chapter covers the design and execution portion of this undertaking.Chapter 4Design and executionIntroductionIn this chapter we will discourse more in inside informations about the system design and execution of the web base online reserve system. In the system design and application execution architecture we will provides more advantage develop technique and farther with ocular diagram4.3 System FlowsIn the system flows will follow for the on-line rental vehicle system and it will be discussed in inside informations with the aid of Use Case Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams. The Use Case is used to stand for distinguishable pieces functionalities of whole system in a graphical and overview in footings of histrions and their ends and any dependences between them. In portion of chief thought is will stand for which histrion is executing for what system maps, and besides will depict the functions of histrions in the system.On the other manus, a sequence diagram can map a scenarios described by a usage instance in measure by measure item to specify how objects collaborate to accomplish applicationi??s ends.