The control sensors. Each type of input device

The River Ching Sports Centre is a new Sports Centre in Waltham Forest. It is an organisation that uses I. C. T, which consists of five departments; 1>Marketing 2>ICT 3>Finance 4>Administration 5>Human Resource (1) Marketing Department This is the department where it is uses ICT for advertisement. Hardware; The marketing Department deals with only one computer. A vital part of ICT is for computers to send data to the computers, peripherals and control devices. There are a number of ways in which this data can travel, which is through the Input and Output devices.

Input The need to capture data quickly and accurately has led to wide range of input devices. These input devices make use of human touch, light magnetism, sound and control sensors. Each type of input device has been designed for a specific purpose. An input device would include devices such as the; . Keyboard, which is the most common way of entering data into a computer. Each key is connected to a switch, which closes when the key is pressed. This sends a signal to the CPU based on the character’s ASCII code.

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In comparison with other input devices, entering data using a keyboard is quite slow, even for touch-typists who have learnt to type using all their fingers and thumbs without needing to look at the keyboard. Another input device would include the; . Mouse. Most people find using a mouse easy. The pointer on the monitor screen mirrors the movement of the mouse by the users hand. Under the mouse is a ball which rolls as them mouse, one shaft records the movement in the north-south direction and other shaft records the east-west movement.

There are usually two r three buttons. When the cursor is over an icon, menu item, or the edge of a picture, the mouse buttons can be clicked or double clicked. The button also can be held down to drag something across flat surface. Thirdly, another device would include; . Scanner is another input device where Scanners can convert images into digital data. A scanner works a bit like a fax machine. A scanner enables both pictures and text to be input to a computer. Sometimes special software is required to scan text in order to recognise the words and letters (OCR).

Finally, a device called the . Graphics tablet is a device, which is a flat pad, which helps the marketing department as it is used to draw on with a device similar to a pen called stylus. A graphics tablet makes drawing easier and much more accurate. They are just like pen and paper, and they are made of a touch-sensitive membrane. They are very helpful towards the marketing department as they can be used for designing advertisement. Processing Devices Processing device are devices, which doesn’t need human operations.

(They are known as process control), which means using sensors, computers, and automated devices to control an industrial process, nevertheless people still need to check the if the computer works properly. Like many other computerised systems, process control is potentially more efficient than humans, but entails precise programming and is very expensive to install. They include: . A Video Digitiser is another input device, which enables video signals from a standard camcorder to be displayed in a window on the computer screen.

Video Sequences can be stored on the hard disk of he computer and used in other computer programs. This is called image grabbing. The technique is used to make special effects in music videos and cinema movies. Last but not least, . A Network Cards are another use of input device where in order to connect to a local area network the computer must have a network card fitted. These cards slot into the main circuit board at the back of the computer enabling data to pass between the computers a network cables. Each card on the network has a unique electronic ‘address’ that ensures data is delivered correctly.

The typical speed at which data is transferred across the network Cards is 100mbps although 10 mbps is still used on older networks. A network card is a good device, which helps the River Ching Sports centre to communicate as it helps other to transfer data to other computers and ensures that data is delivered correctly. To conclude, a device called the: . A sound card is a small chip, which slot in the computer for sound. Sound can be recorded digitally and stored as data; it can also be processed and output through a speaker. .

OutputAn output device is any hardware used to communicate the result of data processing carried out by the CPU. The results of processing are passed to output devices. The most common output devices are the computer monitor and the printer. Output devices are considered as visual, printed, sound and control. An output device would be . A Monitor, the computer monitor, screens, or VDU is the most common output device. They are used when visual information is needed but a permanent record isn’t. There are two ways monitors differ form each other -Size? And resolution?

Computer Monitors are very similar to the TVs in many ways. They use cathode ray tubes (CRTs) containing an electron gun at the back of the tube which fires electrons, he phosphor dots to glow to give colours. Another output device would be . A Printer; which are used to produce a permanent hard copy of the information on paper. The River Ching Sports centre mainly use a laser printer. There are three main types of printers. Dot-matrix Printers, Laser Printers and Ink jet printers. Laser Printers – are called page printers, because the data to be printed is sent to the printer in complete pages-one page at a time.

They work on the same principle as photocopiers. Lasers are very quite printers and give high quality print, which is also an advantage in the marketing department. The majority of laser printers are sold black and white, however colour laser printers are falling in price and becoming more popular, so this will also be another very good advantage for the marketing department as this would mean they could advertise they company, making the company look much more attractive and more of a pull factor.

The laser printers are much more suitable for the marketing department as although they are quite expensive to buy, they hold their price as they produce high quality documents rather than a dot-matrix printer which is much more cheaper in price and in quality, there print quality is too poor to produce presentation documents and only produce black and white printing and also they are very slow, which in business is big disadvantage, lastly they are very noisy which means they cannot be used near a telephone.