The Road not Taken analyse Essay

Title: The road not oaken. Author: Robert Frost. There’s only one person in the poem. Theme: Differ, because he chooses to travel the road less traveled by. Its a poem.

It’s autumn(yellow wood) The road not taken consists of four stanzas with five lines in all of them. Line 1, 2 and 3 rhymes, and line 2 and 5 rhymes and it is that way in all stanzas. 2) The lyrics of Linking Park’s Roads understatements://WV.

W. Youth. Com/ ass 3) Compare the two texts. 4) Find the picture that you think fits the texts – or one of the texts of your own choice- best.Give seasons for your choice after having made a picture analysis of it. Road Photos http://www. Honoring.

Com/blob/road- photography/ You must be ready to present your work orally in front of the class. Individually: Write an essay in which you describe a personal experience where you can say tattoo chose “the road less traveled by/’ and the consequences it had for you. 400-600 words (For once you are allowed to use personal pronouns 😉 but your essay must include an introduction and an ending reaching back to your introduction. )