The Robber Barons Of The Gilded Age Essay

The “Robber Barons” were crucial in creating the financial and industrial structures of present-day America, however, were the methods they used, and the people themselves, essentially helpful to us all? The general consensus of these “Robber Barons” is that they were disgustingly wealthy men (which they were) that cared about nothing but money, and making more of it, at whatever cost. Most people would agree with this, some would say these men were evil.

These were the richest men in the world at the time.Others would go to the opposite side of the fence, and say that these men were just hard working Americans trying to make an honest living. That these, “Robber Barons”, did what they could to provide for their family and themselves. The facts are true that these powerful men boosted the economy of the United States, but did they do what they could for the common man? Capitalism in general does not look very appealing to an outside eye. After all it does not present itself as warmly as Socialism. So the same goes for a capitalist, people tend to look at them as money hungry pigs.

When in fact they strengthen the economy and keep this country from becoming a Socialist state. J. Pierpont Morgan and John D. Rockefeller Sr. are the two biggest examples of Robber Barons. Neither of them came from extremely wealthy backgrounds. In fact, Rockefeller came from a relatively poor background.

Morgan was well off from birth. Both of these men grew up in totally different cultures. Rockefeller grew up without a dad and his mom was forced to take care of him and his siblings, his mother ran a taut ship.While Morgan came from a merchant family on his father’s side and a New England Clergy on his mothers. It is no surprise that these two men hated each other. Men like these were very cunning. They stay in the gray areas, thus not breaking too many moral or government laws. These men accomplished what they did through the sweat and blood of widows, orphans and immigrants.

They did what they could to get away with as much as they could, and profit the most. These men were given the title “Robber Barons” for a reason.Although the Robber Barons appeared evil, they were a necessary evil. The United States of America would not be as powerful as it is today, and the average American would not be living as well as they are today if it were not for there actions. Though what they did at the time seemed bad, they made America a better place to live today, intentional or not it is true. Not all the Robber Barons were completely money hungry. Rockefeller and Morgan were both known philanthropists, and they gave back to the community a lot.Millions of dollars were spent on the nations cultural life.

In example Morgan was a trustee in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and he built the spectacular Morgan library to shelter the rare art and artifacts that he had owned. Overall I believe the Robber Barons were a healthy dose of Medicine for the American Economy. Although they had some nasty side effects, such as mistreatment of the common worker, they healed the America and boosted the American Economy for many years to come.