The Role and Future of Social Networking Sites Essay

Websites, such as “Facebook” and “Hi5” have become the most popular social networking sites and represent a completely new way of communicating. The sites are not only for the new generation, but also for the older generation that would like to get in touch with friends they have lost over time. But the question is “Are virtual friends more reliable than real friends? ” The roles of these sites are nevertheless important as they have become part of our ability to meet friends, hangout, play games and have fun.

This is a new phenomenon called the social networking entertainment. It seems to have brought us closer to our friends by being able to share our thoughts and even our holiday pictures. One important role is the fact that individuals that join “them”, are able to keep in touch with friends and relatives that live abroad or just in a different part of the country. Emotional support is important for individuals and these sites can help by bringing friends and relatives together.

However, the sites can have a problematic impact for the future. Not only these sites make us feel better but can trigger unhappiness to those that are targeted by bullies. It seems that the young generation might forget how to meet friends face to face, but instead stay glued to the computer and make imaginary friends. The social networking principle has become such a big industry that will grow even bigger. Privacy problems appear when individuals make friends with the wrong people, who pretend to be someone else.

That could lead to kidnapping kids or wrong dating. The roles of these sites are nevertheless very important for our well being, but the future for “Facebook” and “Hi5” has to be carefully analysed. At the moment, the sites are at their peak but the future is uncertain. People need to interact with other people, not just through a computer, but face to face. Then you will find out who your real friends are and not just those who seem to be your friend only to boost their friends number. What do you think?