The role of Asian American females Essay

The role of Asian American females

You are likely to find several Asian American women in various fields participating in different capacities as professionals. On leadership Asian Americans are very diverse. It is noted that some in groups like the Asian American Women on Leadership (AAWOL), have received academic awards. For instance Debbie Gin was appointed the Director and Professor of Diversity at Azusa Pacific University in 2007. Since she has an interest on Multicultural education and has demonstrated commitment to respect to culture and humanity, she was also awarded the prestigious Tae-Han Kim Award. Another interesting AAWOL sister is Tita Valeriano. She is now the Lutheran World Federation Officer for North America. She has done a tremendous job in designing the Asian contextualized worship litanies for the 2007 summer immersion project and the Asian American faculty consultation. From the two women it can be observed that the AAWOL seeks to enhance leadership in various capacities.

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Moreover, some these women have ascended to very powerful offices like the in the Labor Department. It is known that during the George W. bush presidency, Elaine L. Chao was sworn in as the 24th secretary of labor. That was way back in 2001.

In entertainment and performing art, there are some notable Asian American females that have influenced many and shaped the Asian American culture today. These include people like the famous Japanese American comedian cum writer Amy Jill. She is common on TV and magazines and more so, she got a nomination in the Buzz   Magazine’s 100 coolest people in Los Angels. Connie Chung is another important personality. Being the first Asian American news anchor, in my opinion she has really changed the mainstream media face with her journalistic flamboyance. Her face was one of the first on network TV. Young adult female Asian Americans are overrepresented on advertisements because of their submissive, exotic, and sensual images.


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