The role of human resource a case of health care management Essay

The role of human resource a case of health care managementThis presentation basically revolves around the idea of the health care system from a global perspective and the importance of human resources management (HRM) in improving overall patient health outcomes and delivery of health care services.HRM is essential for the health care systems in a way that it can improve the health care models. However, for this proper implementation is required.

Once proper management is implemented, only then can high quality of health care be provided.The three major principles inputs of health care system are physical capital, consumables and budget elements and expenditure categories.In the health care system, the human resource consists of clinical as well as the non clinical staff who is basically responsible for the health intervention of the public and they use their knowledge, skills and abilities to give their best.There are many issues related to the human resource management in the health care system and these issues are identified globally.

Some of these issues are the need for workforce training, variation in size and distribution of the workforce in a country. Another issue is that the health care workers are migrating and this creates an imbalance in the HRM related issues. One more issue is the economic position of a country that then relates to the spending of the country on the health care system as a country with a higher GDP is always likely to spend more on this sector.HRM increases efficiency, equity as well as fairness. Moreover, it also improves the quality of services and to ensure that their patients are satisfied. (Shi, 2006).

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