The Role of Stakeholder Essay

In the business world it is important to have an effective Quality Management Process. Before this plan can be implemented it is also important to identify those that will execute this plan. Stakeholders are the people that will ultimately get this plan rolling and manage the effectiveness. Stakeholders are basically anybody or a specific entity interested in the particular business. Stakeholders are vested in the overall business activity and often provide the valuable input that either makes or breaks the business.

Basically there are both internal and external stakeholders when comes to the interest of a particular business or company (http://www. ehow. com). Internal stakeholders are usually the employees, the owners of the business or company, and the managers within the company that carry out the day to day functional operations. External stakeholders are usually the suppliers of that business and finally the customers. Without either one of these two main ingredients the company is more likely to fail within the first five years. Another important stakeholder for a particular business usually the makeup of the community in which it is operating.

Within the community are also the customers and employees of the company. They basically play a dual role as stakeholders because of this. The internal and external stakeholders are often referred to as primary and secondary. Primary stakeholders play the most important role in the way a business runs. Their voices are heard and usually the results are the plans and operations implementation. In various huge company’s they can often vote to remove the hierarchy if they feel the company is not being run properly from the top down.

Secondary stakeholders often have less influence on the overall company operation (http://www. ehow. com). The Quality Management Process is very important to ensure a business continues to operate effectively. This process is a set of rules and guidelines that will assist in the overall management of company operations. The process is designed to ensure that the overall customer satisfaction is being met. If a company doesn’t keep their customers coming back then there will be no income generation and thus the company will fail. The process basically evaluates what is working and what is not in the company.

Indentifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company will help to implement the Quality Management Process by the internal stake holders. The implementation of this process must be documented so it can be studied and revised when needed. As the success of the company grows then it will be wise to have the process certified by the ISO so the company will be internationally recognized resulting in more clientele (http://www. bestmanagementarticles. com) The two companies that benefit from having a well implemented Quality Management Process are the Ford Motor Company and The Coca Cola Company.

When Ford implemented this process into its business operations it allowed them to streamline the manufacturing of automobiles and thus increasing their daily output of quality vehicles. The Coca Cola Company also implanted this process and was able to triple the output of their products and become the world’s largest beverage company.


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