The Role of the US Department of Homeland Security Essay

The United States Department of Homeland Security was created to combat terrorism in the United States. The domestic role of the said department is supported by the various intelligence agencies of the United States. Police and military units are also appendage agencies of the department for crimes or investigations related to war on terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security made the compelling and difficult decisions on most of America’s policies on the war on terror.. Suspected terrorists were prevented from leaving the United States. Documents were furnished by the intelligence community to the said department, for validation. The reason for the existence of the said agency is to combat terrorism, and preserve freedom. Nevertheless, because the Bush government emphasizes the deterring role of terrorism on the preservation of peace, the department of homeland security also collaborates with other departments to ensure that each sector of the nation will not be affected by the threats of terrorism.

However, the role of the Department of Homeland Security is a duplicate role of the police, the intelligence community, and the military. Domestic crimes, whether caused by terrorists or petty criminals, is under the jurisdiction of the police. External threats are under the jurisdiction of the military. Information support of suspected criminals, terrorists, or external political events are under the rubric of the intelligence community. The Department of Homeland Security insisted as in the case of Secretary Chertoff, in his conference with Commerce Secretary Gutierrez that problems on immigration are under the jurisdiction of the said department, citing the US Patriot Act of 2001 as the basis. This should not be the legitimate boundary of the department. It claims that it has jurisdiction on the police, military, the intelligence community, and the immigration bureau. To claim jurisdiction necessitates the conjuncture of the role of a supra department, exercising authority (which is unconstitutional). Its role must be advisory. It may provide the president necessary information for possible targets of terrorists (and the course of action) but it must never claim jurisdiction over other departments.

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