The Roles of Women in the Workplace, Assignment Proposal Essay

The Roles of Women in the WorkplaceAims of the Assignment:·         Analyze the time when women historically became accepted at the management levels, and ascertain if they are truly accepted today.·         Describe the fields where women make good managers and fields where they are not generally accepted.·         Describe how the leadership of women differs from that of men in authority.·         Illustrate the challenges that are unique to women such as pregnancy and maternity, child rearing, sexual influence in the workplace, passive and aggressive tendencies in the workplace, outcomes due to changes in life, and their identity and needs in the workplace.·         Elaborate common prejudices faced by women in the workplace based on age and gender.Proposed Research Methods:The number of women in the working world has increased tremendously today.

Women today have stepped into fields, such as the military, that were once considered as “male bastions”. This paper seeks to study the role that women play in various fields, their influence on the work and on their counterparts and their own experiences in the workplace. The topic is subjective in nature since not all women might feel “discriminated”; they may merely feel “exempted.” Hence, I propose to start by exploring the history when women first stepped out of their traditional roles. I seek to critically analyze by seriously questioning the pros and cons of the roles played by women in different fields by studying data from various sources.

Literature to Be Used:1.      http://www.womeninworldhistory.com2.      http://www.ur.