The second Civil War Essay

In 2007, Joe Dante directed a political comedy/drama film intended for HBO cable television viewing “The Second Civil War” starring Beau Bridges, James Coburn, Phil Hartman, and a lot more. Beau Bridges stars in this black comedy that spoofs media manipulation, tabloid sensationalism, and the business of politics in this dark vision of a not-so-futuristic America (The Second Civil War 1997)An interesting story about a future United States where immigration has gone too far .(Adkins) This is a futuristic look of the U.S wherein immigrants are seeking to find a permanent relocation and settlement in the country.

The movie showed how immigration affected the state of Idaho wherein their Governor decided to close the border to prohibit Pakistani orphans from entering. A decision that lead to a great conflict with the indecisive and chief advisor dependent President and resulted to the over involvement of media creating sensation to gain high television ratings.Television is very influential. It can make or break anyone just like what happened in this movie; a gap emerged between the Governor and the President because of media’s exploitation to the political complication, political demonstrations which lead to Alamo and Statue of Liberty destruction. This situation can be avoided if only the media became socially responsible and put the interest of the public at stake.

We should not take advantage of a difficult situation just to please ourselves. Conflicts can be avoided if we are sensitive and considerate.Works CitedAdkins, W., Plot Summary for The Second Civil War (1997) (TV). The Internet  Movie Database.

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