The Secret of Vanuatu’s Happiness: Metoma Essay

On the island called Metoma,at the northern end of Vanuata, Jean Pierre John can look around and actually say that he owns everything he sees. That places Jean Pierre in an exclusive club made up of wealthy merchants, members of royalty and rock stars. But Jean Pierre is not one of those things.

In fact, it could not be more different. In Metoma, Jean Pierre and his family live in thatched huts. No electricity or running water, no radio or television, and their only means of transport is a rowing boat, which limits the ability to travel to only the neighboring island.Above, does not have much money and fewer opportunities to get it. But the reality is that the family of John really live happily. Although it sounds strange, particularly those living in cities on the island, not lacking anything.

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All the food they consume is achieved at or near Metoma. Certainly, the food is so easy to get the family seems to have much time to relax. When the Johns have some money-perhaps after selling one of his cows, “buy soap powder and kerosene for lamps.

But if not, they can make do with what they find at home, there are some sticks that can be crushed to make soap and coconut oil to replace kerosene. In Vanuatu they have chosen, year after year, as the happiest country in the world. What then is the secret of happiness? “Not having to worry about money, ” Jean Pierre responds without hesitation. If one asks the same question in England or elsewhere, will likely receive the same answer.The difference is that in the case of Jean Pierre, do not worry about money means no need to have, not wanting million. Jean Pierre’s happiness is only a matter of money.

It also comes from having your family around and no doubt there is enormous respect among them. if you can measure happiness or not is debatable, but there is no doubt that Metoma-or full-Vanuatu has the ingredients to inspire. The two pillars of the classic happy life “strong family ties and the general absence of materialism are common in this nation.