The Secret Reflection Essay

The Secret is a movie that reveals that the law of attraction is the secret to what has been, what is, and what will ever be. At first glance of this movie cover you think that the movie was maybe directed toward a romantic’s bias. Someone who this “law of attraction” has worked for in life and possibly made them who they are today. Personally, I do not agree with the idea that your thoughts emit to other people around you. One can be thinking of something really terrible maybe a friend that just died, but if you had a smile on your face no one would ever know.Although this is only to the naked eye, when you interact with that person you might find that they have a sad tone of voice and realize maybe that person is not happy with themselves or something else right now.

I don’t go around reading peoples brain waves. The first step of the process is ask, believing that the universe is reading your thought. The narrator says you don’t even have to use words to ask, the universe is picking this up through your thoughts.I disagree with this because I was raised in a way where my Father told me to work for what I wanted and to act not just look at pictures and hope whatever it is I desire falls out of the sky. The second step of this process is answer. After you ask the universe for whatever it is you want, the universe will “rearrange” itself.

I have actually found this to be true, I’m not sure the universe rearranged for me, but very odd things happened to make it seem like it was meant to happen for me. The third step is receive.I’m not sure I understand this step. Simply because they say you have to be aligned with the universe. Well how does the average person know they are aligned with the universe? Dr.

Joe Vitale mentions the receive has no time period, and it is all based on this belief that you must be aligned with the universe. Overall I understand these people and feel good about things that have happened to them. Although this is reality and I can safely say these people did more than ask, hope and draw pictures of what they wanted.