The the vulnerabilities that WLAN connections may


The purpose of this
report is to  research the  vulnerabilities that WLAN connections may
have, with the use of several tools we can access to private information from
this wireless access point without effort we are going to discuss different
consideration that people should have on security aspects from WLAN process for
this report is going to show detailed information from the tool that we
selected: Acrylic Wi-Fi tool and how to use it to scan different location and
analyze all the information that this toll can provide knowing that we can give
an inside view of our network and maybe take precautions of what we have to do
to protect our privacy.





Description and characteristics of the tool:

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tool can be acquired for free is basically a diagnostic program that shows the
current status of different WLAN connections. 
This tool can be used in so many different ways is so versatile, it can
be used by an inexperienced user to evaluate their own network it shows the
information of the devices, type of security, the strength of the signal, the
name of the Vendor, the channel that the devices are using to broadcast the
signal and the name of the network (SSID). To prove the resilience of the distinct
wireless connections we choose Acrylic Wi-Fi programs easy to download, it
takes only a few moments to look for this free program we type. The name of the
tool on google and It will lead us to the official website and you can select
which version of the tool you want, the Standard version or the professional, there
are not many differences between the two version, but the professional program
has functions for experimented user, for that reason we choose the standard
version to run our test.


 on the picture below we can see the many
features that the interface of the tool has to show, the access point that are
closer are instantly showed on a list along with the MAC address and other
specifications also the program is we select of on these connection it will
show us a graphic that can tell us what are the high and low points on the
frequency of that specific device  also
the graphic will let us know others characteristics like signal strength, the
type of channel that the devices are using and the connectivity to that network



How to use the tool:


tool can be used for security purposes because it showed the type of security
level that the devices had knowing that we can choose a suitable type of
encryption level for our device. To keep secure our connections this can be
used with different methods to break the protection of any device but now that
we know the vulnerabilities of our network we can protect it, the tool can be
used as simply as we installed, the process for the use of the tool is not
complicated the size of the file is only 8.4 the download is as fast as the
process to use the tool itself. It only takes to open the program and select
the network that is closer to us and give a quick look at them Is common in
some cases that the default password to access the configuration of the
Wireless devices is showed immediately as we scan the network, but that depends
on the level of security that another user has. To show a little better these