The So, for a show with historic

 The purpose of this production was to
transport the audience into the past. They did this by many different things.
One of these things would be the music. In the 90s artist like Madonna had a
lot of influence on the music industry so at the time creator Michael
Mackintosh was spending a lot of time and money to get pop stars to sing some
of the score and have ballads , however 
he then decided to end it as it was growing away from the historical music
influence. For example However, the themes represented in this production are
more contemporary issues which is why when the show was revived they related
more to the audience. The purpose of the show was to transport the audience
into the past and to help do this

of the reasons why the show wasn’t really a hit back in 1989 was because of the
style of music. In the 80s artists like Madonna and prince all had influence
into the music industry and what people was listening to in that era. So, for a
show with historic influence didn’t really have a place in the market as such.
For example, ethnic instruments such as a moon guitar was used as this was an instrument
from Vietnam and related to the context of the show. The whole purpose of this production
was to take back the audience and transport them into the past which you wouldn’t
really hear in Madonna’s albums. Nicholas Hytner, director of Miss Saigon refers
to the show as a pop opera, but lays more emphasis on the word opera as the
show is pitched high emotionally from beginning to end. Relating back to the similar
story line from the Opera Madame Butterfly which is by Giacomo Puccini. Although
Miss Saigon focuses on the historical importance of the Vietnam war.

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Vietnam War was a conflict between the north Vietnamese
communist government and South Vietnamese pro American government; this
occurred because the North Vietnamese government wanted to overthrow the south
to unite Vietnam as one communist state. The American Government Joined
to support south Vietnam and China supporting north Korea. The American
President at the time thought that surrounding areas such as Thailand and
Cambodia would fall to communism in a domino effects. If this was to happen
they would lose a regional trading area, and this would encourage places like
New Zealand, Australia and Japan to comprise politically with communism. As the
war progressed America did ask England to send some troops to help; yet England
denied the request to send British soldiers out to Vietnam. Ultimately, this
was the first war the Americans had lost and it was a sore subject with them long
after the war had happened. When Miss Saigon Premiered in 1989 in London and
then in Broadway New York it reminded the American public of the guilt they
felt for participating in the Vietnam war and the losses they received.  The British people didn’t warm up to this show
straight away as the main theme of this show was War and the American involvement
in Vietnam war as British people didn’t agree with the Americans getting involved
in this specific war.

original West End production of Miss Saigon opened on the 20th of
September 1989 at The Theatre Royal. This was directed by Nicholas Hytner with
music by Claude Michael Schonberg, lyrics by Alain Bouilli and Richard Maltby
Jr. This show tells the story of a doomed romance between 2 people; one an
Asian woman in Saigon and an American G. I during the last couple of days of
the Vietnam war. This musical was inspired and based of Giacomo Puccini’s Opera
‘Madam Butterfly’ and also tells the story of a tragic romance with a similar
story line.