The car. The site offers a knowledge

The service we provide is aimed at anyone between the ages of 18 and 90, anyone who would own
a car. The site offers a knowledge of our services, location, contact
information and prices. Our business offers a range of services that benefits
our targeted market including hand washing cars, valeting, waxing and detailing.
The business itself was founded by my father in 1997 and has since been handed
over to myself and I have decided to create a website to advertise and boost
sales. Our service is one used by many people every day. We offer an easy and
efficient way for people to have their cars cleaned while they sit back and
relax, we even have a small seating area with tea and coffee while they wait.

Our unique
selling points include our good quality service, good customer feedback and our
offers on services. In an effort to optimise our website we have made extraordinary,
one of a kind content. This is critical for every business. As we are offering
a similar service that 50 different business’ are offering, this is an open
door to give our website and business a very good look, compose our own descriptions
and add a personal touch to our site. We also used keywords to target customers
who would use our service and make product pages, picture galleries and offers
that blow the competition away. We also have our contact information and
location on google maps on our page. Our site is listed in nearby/social
indexes, for example, CitySearch, Yelp and The last thing we have
done to optimise our website is extend to other sites such as Facebook and have
placed ads in newspapers and the radio with our websites address. Creating ads
will also help be recognised and by using words like affordable, friendly and
good quality service we will attract more customers.

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Using the
five A’s I have:

potential themes in view of our business topic.

the general target market who might be attracted our services.

our site so it features our business and shows the helpful, professional, and one
of a kind service we offer.

our web-based social networking systems with a blend of content and curation.

open-ended inquiries and questionnaires to recognize dissatisfactions and wants.

users know about upcoming deals and competitions long before the happen.

in to input from clients and customers for future improvements



I have
created this website to advertise our business and increase sales, show
customers what exactly we do and how much it costs. We offer a range of
services to most age groups and make it easy for people who live the fast life
to have a clean fresh car in the minimum time for a reasonable price while they
sit back and relax.