The Skater Essay

The SkaterThis poem describes the feeling of a skater who loves his profession to slide on the ice hills.

According to the poet the skater feels happy and proud for his journey, feeling his feet like a bright shining steel, his ankle as a fairy god. Here the poet describes the surrounding by stating that the skater is feeling the environment in his imagination. According to the poet the skater has travelled vary far in the hill and feels it as it has been merged with the white sky. Here the poet says that the whole world is seems like sleeping in a deep breath in a white frost.The poet says that the woods seems to be hung quiet in as like they have been dreaming in a spiritual unsteady beam of light. Also the stream seems like it full of blue colored ice. The poet states that in his journey of imagination the skater finds a path that seems to very flat and smooth like a glass. The skater found himself in that place skating with a speed of wind.

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According to the poet, the skater has travelled very far with his imagination and the he drifts in a deep and cold land. The skater finds every thing in deep sleep do to heavy cold at that place. Now the skater finds the natural beauty in his imagination, by feeling himself as a bird flying high in the sky until the straddles are heard and awakened. Here the skater seems like doing stunt in skating and it’s described by the poet as the skater feels a twisting thread and he hears in a very low tone like a hiss when he jumps on the ice with his tools. This shows the power of the skater and his love with skating who feels himself as a fairy traveler.In the next paragraph the poet explains that the skater is now travelling faster than the wind. And due to this he feels bit tired but still like to skate until his gets completely tired and until he feel pain.

Hence he slows down his speed and starts skating with a drifting speed.According to the poet the skater feels the sunrise and opens his eyes that has grown big due to the daylight but he feared by hearing some wild voice in his sleep. He explains that he feared from the bottom of his heart and hence turned his skate from that direction. Poet states that the skater turns and fleet again due to fear as his soul pursued in that big ice hill described by the poet as solitude.If we look at the whole poem it talks about the feeling love and affection of a poet to its game of skating.HeirloomThis poem is all about money and wealth which has been descend to the poet.

Here the poet describes the thought of his in a beautiful way. Here the poet shows the critical situation for the heir when he knows the limitation of money and wealth.In the first line of his poem the poet states that his father his father has left a very small estate and it is not sufficient for his living. Here the poet find a very few wealth in his book of account left by his ancestors.Here the poet feels that the property whatever left is of no use and it includes only holey books that contains only religious date and can only be used to read and kill time but founds the front page written in blank and it really worsen the condition for the heir.According to the poet the heir found book of Baal Shem Tov and his miracle as left by his father. He finds this book based on devil and his crew.

The poet also finds prayers to god against the dangerous devil, demons, witches and thunders in that book and hopes the sun shine on the other and large volume of the book and it describe a pure hearted person by the poet. According to the poet he gets disheartened and asks the god to save the beautiful men from the drunken scorpion that is crawling on these books.      The poet feels undefiled religious thought floated on a spiritual wave. The letter seems square in shape, shining in an imaginary broad circle in the heaven containing twelve constellations. According to the poet the pages has turned brown and smells like tobacco inhaled from nose. The theory in the book that tells the rituals of midnight have turned fattens spot.

According to the poet this all seems like covering the heir arms unfolding his high little race and proud pedigree.According to the poet he feels relief and his tears gets washed away that has fallen on his heirlooms ground after reading these literature composition. For the poet some of the literature spelt miracle when the poet turned in a leaf and found a white heir fallen that seems like the heir of his fathers beard..According to this poem the poet describes all the religious thoughts through this poem he find how his books are more worthy than the money left by his father. Here the poet gave some pure spiritual and religious thought coming from his mind and the books left by his father.