The Smoking Debate Essay

The Smoking Debate                In today’s society, there is an idealistic image that women (particularly those of adolescent age) have envisioned in their mind as the “perfect,” body type. Younger women between the ages of 15-30 often get the perception of an ideal body from the media (magazines, television, movies, etc), and will do anything to attain this desired body type. One misconception that women have is that smoking is an idealistic way of losing weight. Many would argue that this surely isn’t the neither optimal nor safe way to gear towards losing weight.                First, if a woman was going to smoke about losing weight and is consistently concerned about her appearance she might want to consider premature wrinkles that could show up from smoking. Plus, smoking also creates teeth to get yellow.

There is nothing glamorous about getting old, and to have to buy wrinkle creams/teeth whitening products at a young age is just another expense. It would be much more glamorous to spend this money on trendy new makeup products such as glittery eyeliner or fruity lip gloss. This leads to the second point that smoking is costly. With the increase in taxes on tobacco in almost every state in the United States, at the average price of $5.50 a pack of cigarettes ; therefore, if someone smoked even as low as 2 packs a week that would still save them $44.00 a month and $528 a year!  Plus, where would a young girl get this type of money to begin with anyway? If they did, wouldn’t they rather spend that money on new clothes for a date, rather than cigarettes which went out of style in the late 1980’s? Third, is the risk that smoking has on health. Not only does smoking cause one to look older, but it causes them to die younger also. It is known that smoking takes years off of someone’s’ life, so why would someone want to die a premature death knowing that they killed themselves? It is much more beneficial to eat a healthy diet and exercise consistently than to smoke cigarettes.

Plus, the natural endorphins produced while exercising produce a natural glow to the body.                Young men on the other hand, might not be as worried about the beauty effects of smoking; however there are still factors that they want to consider. Every man wants to be able to be viewed as strong and full of endurance.

If a man smokes, it often leads to bones becoming more brittle and their body to be able to tolerate less heavy endurance sports. For example, if a man is a good runner he might lose his breath more easily if he smokes heavily.  Also if a young man is out on the football field and tries to tackle someone then they will not be able to have the same strength in their body to be able to incur a heavy collision as someone who doesn’t smoke.

Plus, it is not attractive to females if a male smokes, since they would smell of cigarette smoke and not have kiss-worthy breath.                Therefore, in conclusion smoking is not glamorous or healthy for men or women at age. It is not glamorous or fashionable and hasn’t been so in quite some decades. Smoking could lead to premature death/wrinkles, yellow teeth, lack of physical strength/endurance, and to finish is quite expensive.

  In order for a successful weight loss regimen it would be more advantageous for a man or women to just engage in a normal exercise routine and follow a healthy diet.