The sound and the fury, a reaction paper Essay

The sound and the fury, a reaction paperMy first reaction to this section is that the phrase “The Sound and the Fury” is in itself evocative, There is a sense of ‘static’ tension to the contrast between the words, and an attempt to distill or dilute the idea would be a taste of ‘madness’ or insanity.

Further, the phrase is given more color and importance when we discover or come across the character Benjy. It may be dismissed as plain sentimentalism or even plain falling for an underdog, when we speak of a character that is mentally challenged and far from what most people would consider ‘normal,’ but truth of the matter is, it is actually bigger than that: empathy. More so, I think that there is a contradiction of sorts, when I feel for Benjy’s character, but at the same time, thankful to a point of being condescending, that I am ‘normal’, unlike him. I also begin to question the definition of normal.

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What exactly is normal ‘thought’ or ‘reaction’? What exactly is ‘deviant behavior’? Are we normal when we think like everyone or perceive things or feel things exactly like the rest? Are we to be considered deviant, and thus, mentally challenged if, unlike the crowd, we feel differently, react differently or ‘see’ things in a different perspective?Are we really luckier to be ‘normal’ in our ‘normal’ thoughts and processes, or are we cheated out of a deeper and more meaningful assessment and appreciation of life and life experiences because of our own ‘normalcy’? Is it Benjy, who is mentally challenged, who should earn our sympathies, and whom we should feel sorry for, or are we the ones who should actually be sorry for being ‘normal?’ How ‘normal’ is ‘normal’ really? Reading this section challenged me to take a closer look at people who are seen by society as deviants, and to have a deeper understanding of their plights; an understanding that goes beyond the token sympathies, and rather, acceptance; that goes beyond the sounds and furies.