The Star Performer Case Study Essay

Social and communal responsibility (Green che mistry): Accountability; Mission Develop a safer environment by using temperaturesensitive utensils Add color to your kitchen tools and appreciate your own design Budget: price of products Plant and equipment (Expansion) Marketing Campaign Sales Volume: Target, Ralphs Salesperson Mission and Value We have three keywords for our value: utility, Accountability and Individuality.

First, utility. Our goal is to use science to make people’s life easier and better.For our household customers, they can make it really easy for people to protect them selves from the danger of being burnt. For our potential industrial users, it is more practically important. As Christine said, there are a lot injury cases every year because of the temperat ure. By using this lowcost product, we can make the working environment really safer and better for workers. So we think this is definitely a valuable thing to promote.

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Second, accountability. Our company produces socially accountable product. We are a ocially responsible company that wants to promote the Green Chemistry.Di fferent from other manufacturers, our ingredients that constitutes the product are a hundred pe rcent environmental. They will do no contamination to the environment so this is th e accountability for the environment that we want to promote. By using our product, the cust omers will also be more accountable for their own safety and the safety of the people that they care about. For parents, how will you tell your little kids when not to touch a hot plate or spoo n? For teachers nd professors, how will you tell your students not to touch a beaker or a tub e when they are hot?There are many scenarios that you may accidentally hurt yourself becaus e of the temperature.

So by using our product, you can be more accountable for your life and keep safe. Last but not least, design. Smart Color is a company that provides lifestyle pro ducts. We put a lot of emphasis on design. We all appreciate beauty in our life. And we believe with the special painting that we produce, you can assert your individuality and make y our life more leasant both in the kitchen, in the lab, or in other part of your life.Having said all the values that our company promotes, here comes our missi on: Use science to make people’s life safer and prettier.

Thanks liana. As said before, our goal is to enter the industrial field in addition to expanding our company scale in the consumer market. So what we are asking for today s the investment into our expansion plan. As presented on the slide, we divide our budget into four parts: cost of good s old, the PPE needed for expansion, marketing plan, distribution and sales volume, and the ncrease of salesperson.Because we already have some products in the market, so we ar e able to estimate the price of our product in a reasonably accurate range. Every oz of t he paint costs about five dollars, and we need to add the price of the utensil, like pot, spoon, plate or beaker into the price. As we are aiming to increase the production volume, it is possi ble to reduce the production price of each product. In terms of PPE expansion, we want to add one more factory to manufacturer the industrial standard accurate instruments.

That will cost us 1 million dollars in one year t o buy essential equipments.And $200,000 more every year to pay the rent and maintain thes e equipments. Marketing campaign is one of the most important parts in the consumer mar kets. We are going to put more emphasis on the design and promote the value of our prod ucts.

We are planning to put advertisement on main TV channels as well as on Youtube to r each more young people. This will cost us about $1 00,000 dollar a year. Last but not least, because we are going to enter the industrial field, we need a lot more alesperson to negotiate with the companies to convince them to accept our product.We are going to form a new sales team that consists up of at least 15 people to cond uct the negotiation with industry companies. So that concludes our budget part.

We will need about 3 million dollars in the first year to support our expansion plan. The subsequent cost should be able to be covere d by our increasing sales volume. Hello. My name is Elsie and am currently a student in University of Southern California, major in Computer Science and Business Administration. As a software engin eer, I am very proficient in SQL, C++ and Java.

I have independently developed a business da tabase application for which I used SQL to develop the backend and Java to develop t he graphics user interface logic. am also currently working on a game project for which I have written more than 2000 lines of C++ code to provide the most effective gameplay exp erience. I am really passionate about software development and my ambition is to make a product that will influence people’s lives around the world.