The State children have the opportunity but

The lack of quality education has been an issue in the United States and other countries for a while.

The world has advanced yet some people do not get the chance at an education. In the United State children have the opportunity but not always the best teachers or supplies. This is still better than other countries have. Issue like war, equality rights, or poverty prevent people from gaining an education. Schooling does more than give someone a good job. It provides the income and knowledge needed to take care of themselves and their family. There are adults who cannot read well enough to read a warning sign or a map.Poverty is caused by many different reasons but a major factor has always been poor education.

 If a person can not read or do basic math they will not be able to have a job. Literacy is necessary for a family to survive in today’s world. Every citizen having a chance at a quality education helps their country. When the citizens have better schooling it leads to better production. Employers being involved is how  have raised education’s standards. It has filled skills gaps and kept unemployment down. Collaboration between the educators and employers lets student learn what they need to succeed in life.

Technology has also proven to be great for learning. It has allowed learning from quality teachers even from a distance. Poor education will continue to be a problem unless leaders become involved. The world has developed the mindset that education is only an option for those who can afford it. In this the gap between poor and rich will only increase. Every child should have the opportunity to improve their situation.

We need a sense of responsibility to make sure that every child has this chance.Attending Honor College provides opportunities for students that are not always available. Honors College allows students to learn information related to certain fields. This encourages students to think and explore new ideas allowing growth and development. It would help me understand how to help children further. It would give me the ability to know how to face the problems that my chosen career will bring. Honors college helps students advance in authority, social skills, and exercising informed judgement. The advancement in these abilities are necessary for advanced social worker licensure.

Honors College gives students opportunity to exercise responsibility and experience challenges.  The Leadership positions that Honors College provides yields personal benefits to those involved.  Leaderships roles give personal  gains like intellectual and professional growth.  Leadership on education in the public square would be beneficial to me and others. The public square would give the opportunity to shine a light on the issue with education today. Pointing out the problems with education could give the community a chance to fix it.

The use of  technology in the public square would show that it advances our learning and could advance learning all around the world.