The Strategy of Haier’s Environmental Development Essay

The Strategy of Haier’s Environmental Development Yin Fengfu1,2, Liu Zhenyu1, Liu Zhengang1, Wen Xuefeng2, Li Jinhui2 (1:R&D department, Haier Group, Qingdao,PRC, 266101) (2:Environmental Sci. & Eng. department, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084) [email protected] com / [email protected] com ? THE RECYCLING PROCESS AND PLANT ? THE STRATEGY OF HAIER On August 30, 2005, Haier was ranked Waste house appliances are in fact raw 1st of China’s Top 10 Global Brands by the materials in the wrong places. We aim to Financial Times.

At the beginning of its reduce considerably the produced waste and foundation, Haier has managed to improve the recycle them in China. For example, an old environment by conserving energy and recycling refrigerator modeled BCD-181, which is 62 kg old products. This great success results from and composed of more than four hundred Haier’s strategy of sustainable development. The components, contains iron and steel (57. 2%), principles of the strategy are reducing both the copper (1. 42%), aluminum (2. 83%), PS (25. 7%), possibility of environment pollution and the PVC ( 1. 16%), and Others.

In other words, 35 kg potential cost of products. Our environmentally steel will be recycled if we take back an old friendly products are harmonious with the BCD-181, dismantle it and collect the ferrous environment. It will take less time to dismantle metal. Apart from these metals and plastics, them. Besides the principles the strategy consists there are some harmful ingredients in the old of four parts, namely the environmental products. If we do not take them seriously, they management system, the outside manufacturing will do harm to our health as well as the system, environmental design and end of product environment.

These harmful ingredients are CFC, life. some kinds of heavy metal, PBB and PBDEs. There are some differences between China ? THREE DIFFERENT DEVELOPING STAGES and other developed countries. We believe more Haier’s developing history experienced manual dismantling is necessary while automatic three different stages which are the famous machines are suitable for rich countries. brand stage, multi-categories products stage and The capability of our plant is about growth of an international corporation stage. We 500,000 units every year.

The wastes are old are confronted with different environmental house appliances. The plant will help us recycle problems during these three stages. At the first such raw material as steel, copper, aluminum, phase, we endeavored to prevent wastewater, and plastics. Furthermore, some harmful exhaust gas and waste residue from polluting the substances in the waste will be collected and environment. Seven years later, we are fully reused, or handled safely. aware of the importance of energy efficiency and conversation. In 1998 Haier obtained ISO14001 ? CONCLUSIONS As Chinese living standard’s rise, certification.

Next year Haier expanded abroad environmental problems are becoming more and with new plant in the USA. more important. We will redesign our products At the third stage, much importance has to ensure that they are fully harmonious with the been attached on the circular economy or environment. In addition, a recycling plant will sustainable development. We have planned to be built to establish Haier’s sustainable build the first recycling plant of wasted house development and circular economy in China. appliances in the near future. 364 1-4244-0351-0/06/$20. 00 ©2006 IEEE.