The of a particular attribute to the consumers.

The first part (Statement 1 to 5) is aimed at measuring the belief evaluation ofthecustomers. These are statements that seek to describe what consumers think of thoseattributes, how much important they think those are for a fast food restaurant. Thestatements are coined in such a way that they express a desire of the respondents for aparticular attribute.The second part (Statement 6 to 10) seeks to measure belief strength. These are alsostatements that are a description of particular attributes which are strongly believed by theconsumers to be present in Pizza Hut. Respondents are expected to rank these statementsaccording to how far they think these statements apply to Pizza Hut from their experience.The last part of the questionnaire seeks to measure the consumers’ overall feeling aboutPizza Hut, how often they visit, which branch they visit the most and some basic¬†All the questions are multiple-choice and close-ended questions. Because of beingclosed- ended and multiple-choice in nature the results of the questions are easy tocompare, tabulate and analyze easier.¬†Fishbein Multi-Attribute Attitude Model is used to assess consumers’ attitudetowards an object. Both belief strength and belief evaluations are measured using a 5-pointscale to rate their level of agreement or disagreement (1-strongly disagree and 5- stronglyagree), on which the higher numbers indicate higher level of strength or evaluation. Beliefevaluation is the amount of importance of a particular attribute to the consumers. On theother hand, belief strength is the amount of relevance of that particular attribute to PizzaHut.Attitude scores are the summation of the product ofbelief evaluation and beliefstrength for a particular attribute. The higherthe sum of products, the more favorable theattitude towards that attribute for Pizza Hut.Variables are coded in order to ease the analysis of data collected. Here is the coding of thevariables for analysis:-PriceBE1Low price is very necessary for a fast food restaurant to attract customers.BS1Pizza Hut should reduce its price by a substantial amount.Quick ServiceBE2Quick service is not essential at all for a fast food restaurant.BS2Service is very fast in Pizza Hut.EnvironmentBE3A fast food restaurant must have amazing environment to get a good number ofvisitors.BS3Environment is the strength of Pizza Hut above all.