The Sun and How the Solar Cycle and Auroras are related Essay

The Sun and How the Solar Cycle and Auroras are relatedThe sun is set in the middle of the solar system. It is also known as the mother of all planets. The behavior of the sun is hard to determine since it is maid up of various gases. Scientist finds it hard to look upon its component because it is extremely hot to go there. The activities connecting sun, solar cycle and auroras will be examined on this paper.

The sun is considered to be the major source of light of all planets. The movement of the sun along with the earth’s movement will indicate when there will be night an day. Sun is hard to assess that is why there is such thing as solar cycle. The solar cycle on the other hand is the activity involving solar magnetic activity that signifies the varying solar phenomena in space weather. Once the solar cycle is set, the auroras represent the sun during night time. Its light is naturally seen in the sky more particularly in the polar zone.

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The auroras are also known as the polar lights from the north/south hemisphere. This are formed in the ionosphere and its effect can best seen during the month of March to April and from September to October. The lights generated by auroras can be based upon the solar flows which is a part of the solar cycle. From here the atmosphere pf the sun along with the wind direction and solar irradiance are made.

The solar cycle is an important process made by the sun because it indicates the modulation of the solar rays and how much ultraviolet rays is excreted by the sun.