Plan loss, was when it was at 70

Plan Equipment needed . Polystyrene cup . Kettle . Thermometer . Stop watch . Cardboard lid . Measuring cylinder How to set up the experiment The experiment will be carried out in the following way: 1. Set apparatus uo as shown above. 2. Tap water will be put into a kettle to boil 3. It will then be put into a 100ml measuring cylinder to measure the amount of water 4. Pour water into a polystyrene cup, put lid on and take the temperature 5. Wait until the water gets to 70 degrees or anyt of the other integers , do this by looking on your thermometer.

6. When it hits the wanted integer time 2 minutes on your stop watch and after this take down the temperature at the end of the two minutes. 7. Take more boiling water repeat the process until the experiment is finished. 8. When the experiment is finished repeat the whole process again to get another set of results to make the average and the results will therefore be more accurate. 9. Tabulate your results. I made this experiment as fair as possible by keeping the same cup each time.

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This is because the cups wall thickness might be different on other cups and thus they would either conduct more or less energy away from the water that I am using. Secondly l will need to keep the same thermometer in order to keep inconsistencies the same. The experiment will also need to be accurate and in order to do this I will need to do the following. Firstly I will need to keep the hole in the cup lid as small as possible in order to keep the heat from escaping. Secondly I will have to make sure that the lid is not removed during the experiment.

Finally I will need to make sure that the cup I am using has no other holes in oit otherwise water could leak out, but it could also loose heat energy more quckly than a notrmal cup. It should look like this. Results This table shows my results after doing tests twice the same way as mentioned in the pages before. Temperature (degrees) Temperature loss in 2 minutes (degrees) Temperature loss in 2 minutes (degrees) Temperature loss in 2 minutes (degrees) Test 1 Test 2 Mean 70 degrees 20.

Graph attached Conclusion The input value, which gave me the highest temperature loss, was when it was at 70 degrees and the one, which gave me the lowest results, was 30 degrees. I think that this is because the greater the difference between the internal and the external temperature the faster the heat will be lost. This statement is shown in my results because the more my results fall the smaller the amount of heat lost. Temperature difference at (degrees) Temperature difference (degrees)

Test 1 Test2 Average This shows that my results were fairly constant and shows that my experiment was fair and therefore was a success. Evaluation As all of the pairs of my results were close I know that my experiment gave reproducible results. This shows that my experiment was a success and that my results were of a good quality. I do not believe I have any anomonlous results which shows to me that again my experiment was accurate.

My line of best shape goes through all the results , this tells me that I have high quality results and a good experiment. I could improve my experiment if I was to do it again by using more viscous liquids which could give me an insight into how heat is lost in other liquids. I could also alternate the environment in which it is done in to see how it is effected by external as well as internal heat. As an extension to this experiment I could use DL + as an electronic temperature measurment device would be more accurate.

This would also be good because it can be set to take temperatures hundreds of times per second. This would give me a better curve of temperature vs time and would also allow a finer discrimibnation to take place. Another way in which I could extend the experiment could be to do it oppositly and determine how much energy is needed to maintain the temperature. To achieve this I would need new equipment such as electronics heating , a thermostadt and a joule meter. I could also work out the energy by doing the calculation below.