The the greatest, they have still been doing

The stock that I purchased consist of Apple,
Amazon, Activision, Google, Netflix, Pepsi, Sprint Target, and Tesla. Of these
my five best were Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Activision. The reasons
as to why I chose these stocks is because they seemed like they would do great
during the holidays.

I bought 8 shares from Apple, 1 share from
Amazon, 32 shares for Activision, 1 share from Google, And 7 shares for
Netflix. The reason why I bought these amount is because these were the amounts
that i could afford with the one thousand five-hundred dollar cap. I bought
these stocks because they were produced products that i believed were going to
do well. I was right, most if not all of these stocks did great during the
holiday season. Most of them are still doing good with exception of netflix
which fluctuates, usually it does a pretty good job of flattening out.

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The best description that I could give about
the stocks that I got is that they all have to do with electronics. The five
stocks that I have chosen as my best have small differences, for example Apple
and google both design products like phones, but Google is primarily a search
engine and owns the most successful video sharing website. Activision is a game
publisher l, I felt bad about buying stocks from Activision because of their
terrible business practices. I say this because I am a consumer who has
purchased games that they have published, and have fallen victim to these
terrible practices. Amazon is different from all of my other stocks because they
are an online marketplace, they do make products like devices and voice
assistants. And finally netflix is an entertainment company that although has
been spending large amounts of money on movies and TV shows that haven’t been
the greatest, they have still been doing really good overall.

Over that span of time that we have been
observing our stock I have noticed that they don’t fluctuate very much, but
when they do it usually doesn’t mean good things for the owner of these stocks.
Now knowing what I know what I would have done differently is I would have
tried to avoid the business that weren’t doing good because although they might
have come back after a year or two, this was a very short term experiment. That
is the only thing that I could think of that I would do differently.

I would say that stocks aren’t the only way to
save for retirement, but I don’t think that investing in stocks is a bad idea.
I think that it’s a good idea because stocks tend to do better for those who
plan on sticking with their stock for a long period of time. I can’t really
think of another way to save up for your retirement. After I completed the game
I realized that I made much more short term investments which ended up ruining
me towards the end. What I learned is that even though they might be doing good
right know I should still think about what if these business end up failing,
that I should make investments that will be doing better long term.